Saturday, January 26, 2008

Any given Saturday

On any given Saturday you can find riders, runners and people just enjoying the outdoors in Colorado. This Saturday I decided to meet Anne at 24hr Fitness so she could teach me how to some additional core exercises. I needed to get my workout in first which was a 6 mile run and then I would head over to 24hr. I thought that I would make it easy on myself and would run over to the club and finish the distance on the treadmill. I started out slow and was surprised how easy it was to get into my new run form. I was playing a new mix on the ipod and for some reason early on is seemed that it was going to be a good run and in fact a good day. I had to run on main roads all the way to 24hr fitness which most of the time would bug me but today it was ok. The weather was in the mid 40's and so I was able to wear shorts and a two shirts and it was nice not to have to layer so much.

After signing into 24hr fitness I made my way over to Anne who was finishing her run on the treadmill. I was able to take the one next to her and finish my distance by running just over a mile. The exercises she had me do were both hard and fun to learn, working out with her was totally fun. Anne is very good looking so its really funny to see all the guys and yes girls check her out as she works out. She is getting really ripped and so she sticks out as not only good looking, small, but totally ripped. I wonder why I am so luck to be married to such a wonderful woman. She beat me up for another 45 minutes and then the workout was done. We showered and picked up the kids and finished our Saturday as normal. I really enjoy the days where we are able to have a good time and get done all that we wanted to. I love to spend time with my wife when it is just the two of us so my desire to go to 24hr Fitness again is pretty high.

I love you Anne,