Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Back at it again

Tonight I had the fun opportunity to get back working out and swimming after nine, yes 9 hard days of being sick. I was feeling low, out of energy a few weeks ago and decided with my new work schedule that the best thing to do was push thought it. I had a few low days and then had the damn break. I went to the doctors a few days later and we together found an ear infection and pneumonia. The doctor said sleep, rest and staying down would be the best way to get back to normal. He said I needed to stay away for 24 hours until the meds kicked in and I was no longer contagious. I took that as advice from some novice and was back at work 1 day later. I suffered the bounds of Hell for the next few days and almost 10 days later I am back on my feet feeling well enough to start working out again. HOOOORRRRAAAAAYYYYYY

I jumped in the water and did a very slow build and kept a good mellow pace. 2000 yards later I was done and feeling tired but really happy. My life seems to be getting back into balance after being in disarray for the last few weeks. Training has suffered but I am learning that I train because I want to, it is not a must. I do what I can because I am a dad of 3 and a husband that believes my wife still should come first after 10 years of marriage. I am a triathlete because I want to, not because I have to, must be, or can't live any other way. I love the sport and feel I am a better man because of what it offers me in the end of each workout and race. I feel that I can become a better dad and husband but with some huge cost involved. I thank my family for letting me play in the sandbox of this sport and realize that I still need to come home for dinner when I am called and that I always should play nice and be kind to all that I play with. I look forward to St Anthony's next week and will have such a good race because I know I am just getting started and the season is not just this race but many over the next few months.

I am thankful to Steve who knows my life and works within it trying to make me better all the while. I love the PC family of athletes and look forward to a good season with you all. I am looking forward to smores on Saturday and a good climb up city view on Sunday.

Life's good at the office, I feel that we are getting some traction that will allow us to hit the lofty goals that we committed to at the start. Each day Rusty and I are pleased with the way we are treated and helped by those at corporate and those who wear the badge of honor called support. We will make the Denver office a great success and do so at a good pace and stride that will be something we can be proud of down the road.

I miss my parents and hope that they continue to do well in a far away place. I am hoping that they get out of this mission what they need to and can come home and love us just the same. I miss them and wish they knew that they are needed here almost as much as they are in Lebanon. They do so well and feel like they are making a huge difference and I wish they saw the same results her at home. I really miss them.

Florida here we come in a 8 days with the fury only PC can bring. I look forward to the season kicking off and getting started.

Anne I love you and thank you for the time allowed to play this game,

Love you,