Tuesday, March 31, 2009


This morning as I was sitting with you at IHOP and most of the day today I have had you on my mind. You are 6 years old today and seeing you enjoying your smile face pancake and your birthday sundae reminded my of many great times that we have had together and as a family. (Don't tell Mom we had Ice Cream for breakfast)

You came into our lives in Cleveland Ohio and from day one we realized that you were going to be a great part of our family. Mom walked around the hospital floor to help get you here before the 1st of April. We were really worried about you having that as a birthday and so as hard as it was Mom and Dad did laps dragging her IV around. You came a few hours later and we were so happy that you had a March 31st birthday. You looked great as a baby and have continued to where you look very handsome today.

I see you growing up, challenging life every day and living life to the fullest and I know that you are going to be a great Man. You are strong, kind and have a great nature about you. You never seem to miss anything, including hitting all walls, doors and anything else that is between you and where your going. You are great at sports, riding bikes, (even if you crash every time) swimming, sliding down the water slides, knee boarding and snow skiing. You are kind to your brother Jackson and as hard as it is to be the middle child you are great with Lexi as well.

Your smile is infectious and can make my day better the second I see it. You make me laugh and life is NEVER DULL when you are around. I miss you when I am gone and feel a void when you are not around. I love the fact that you love to keep going until it is time to stop and then you crash (two gears full speed and stopped). I love that you will try almost anything (food included) even though sometimes is it not fun. I love that you enjoy school and you are doing so well at it. Seeing you read and write and draw is awesome and you are getting so good at it.

Today you are a very big 6 years old. You have many great friends and family that love you. I think that it is neat the you love your family, cousins and aunts and uncles. Libby is a great BFF and it's neat that you like her so much.

I look forward to seeing you grow up, each day making it through life. Keep working hard and know that the best things in life do not come easy. You have to lean to work and then even more important you have to learn to have FUN when you work.

Keep dancing and singing, if you do, when you grow up you will make the boys jealous and the girls want to be your friend. Keep dreaming and know that a lot of dreams come true to those that match effort with desire. Keep being kind to people, you will always be around bullies. That does not mean that you need to become a bullie yourself. The kind people in the world will never be lonely.

And last and most important know that as your Dad I love you. I love you so much that it hurts when I am away. You are one of my best friends and I want to do everything to have it stay that way. I will always be around. I might get old, slow and kind of funny (that is what happened to my Dad) but I love him just the same and hope you will as well in years to come.



Saturday, March 28, 2009

Flights, 2nd attempts and Pinewood Derby update

This last week on Thursday the city of Denver was hit with a severe storm warning and by noon most of the city went home to get a head of the storm. My office called and wished me good luck getting home on my afternoon flight to Denver from Los Angles. By noon Southwest canceled my flight and so the travel agent called and moved me to United at 4pm. I finished my lunch with Miche and headed to the airport to find out I was too late and they gave my seat up. I called the travel agent and they then advised me to look at a hotel and wait out the storm until Friday afternoon. I was at the ticket counter of United and it took a few minutes to get my travel agent on the phone.

While I was waiting I noticed that most Denver bound gents were happy to stay in LA for another day. The weather was great, food nice and so I have to say I agree with them. The one thing that I have going for me is "team Walton" I was going to get home, yep I was heading right into the storm. Different than most I know but with what I have at home I had no other place I wanted to be. I was moved to Frontier and we finally landed at 10pm. The roads were not fun in the small Corolla but we got it done. Anne used the snow blower for the first time and made it possible to get up the driveway. I was able to kiss my kids good night and hang with Anne for a few bit before I fell into bed exhausted.

Friday Jackson, Josh and Lexi played out in the snow as I finished the snow blowing. Jackson made the greatest snowman and Josh helped shovel the neighbors driveway and was given a dollar for payment. He was so excited and I think he just enjoyed being outside and being helpful to me and the neighbors.

Today I had the second attempt at running from Deercreek and Wadsworth to the top of Highgrade. It is not that the run is long but you climb a huge amount. The last time I called it a day at 11 miles and felt bad about it. Today I was able to get a second attempt and decided to run at my own pace before the group. I felt great on the first 5 miles and kept things rolling all the way to the top. Sonja, Steve, Keith, Rob and Sara ran all or some of the distance. Stroller man and his side kick Annie were the drivers and helped a lot. I made it to the top and felt great.

This afternoon the boys put another layer of paint on the cars and they are looking awesome. I am very impressed with this experience. Jackson and Josh both have a car and spent time designing the look, choosing the colors and painting them. I am going to let them do most of the work and we will see what happens. I know that having me help is a burden, Jackson and Josh would likely win if Anne and Carolyn helped with the cars. We will see how things end up!!!

All things considered, I have a pretty good life.

Love you Anne,


Monday, March 16, 2009

2009 March Shadow Ride

Weekend in Denver

It seems like is has been awhile since I was able to get into a groove and have a normal Denver weekend and now that it happened I am reminded of how fun it really is to live and play here.

This weekend I was able to Run, Ski, Swim and Ride. On Sunday Anne was able to join a group for a ride on the "Shadow Mountain Loop" most of them for the first time. Jackson, Josh, Lexi and I decided to jump on the course and take some pictures of the 50 mile bike ride with 8000+ feet of climbing. I have put of some of my favorite shots and attached the link for all the shots of the day.

Nice job to the first timers and for those that I saw that were not able to speak or look at me or smile the whole ride.
OK so I just published my first slide show with photo bucket so take a look at the next post.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pretty Funny

So I sometimes think that I am pretty funny and today, this very moment is one of those times. No I am not doing stand up or anything that takes effort, it is this simple.

I am at the airport waiting for my flight to board after being in LA for 9 days straight on a 5 day trip. Yep 2 day old underwear turned inside out to make them fresh again!!!! I received a call today from Steve telling me that the ride that I invited myself on a few days ago with a PC kid was changed and some of my favorite peeps are going to ride. So I am pretty giddy from that fact and that I get to see my wife in 3 hours and my kids in the am.
Next I am sitting on the big Southwest chairs where you can charge and power up items. I have been texting like a mad man with PC friends about tomorrow. I have these huge head phones on (Think princess Leigha ((spelling)) from Star wars hair buns). I am taping my foot to the beat of the music. I decided that I wanted to have my ipod tomorrow and my GPS so I pulled both of them out and have one on each arm rest of this cool chair charging. I know that I needed to hydrate so I went and purchased a huge bottle of water. I am smiling at some of the really funny texts that I am sending out. Funny to me again and that is all that matters Wires everywhere and not a care in the world. I am on the end of the row and I keep smiling at people that pass me by. LAX has a lot of passers Byers.? They do not know what to do when this guy sitting down looks up and gives them a huge grin. Like this :)

I love Airports!!!

Ok now the lady next to me is looking at the screen of my laptop and reading as I am writing this blog which even makes it more funny to me.

Ok that is it.

Pretty funny.

See you in just under 3 hours now Anne,


Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend on the PCH

This last Monday night I found out that work was crashing down in LA and by Tuesday at noon I was on a plane. I spent the next 4 days working heavy hours to help maintain the level of service my client expected. I missed Anne B-day on Thursday and a very fun plan for a weekend in Downtown Denver. My brother who offered to watch the kids said that he did not care if we were in Denver or LA so Anne jumped on a plane on Friday Evening and headed to LA. I was able to get in a good hard 7 mile run Friday night after a very long week. This was the first real workout all week. Friday night I took Anne to a restaurant called "The Lobster" and we had the greatest meal. Anne tackled a 2lb lobster and I had Tuna. The food was awesome and the restaurant is located right on Santa Monica pier. We had a good time and after dinner crashed because we were both so tired.

Saturday morning we decided to take the convertible that I rented and head down the Pacific Coast Hwy. We spent all of Saturday soaking up the rays in the car, walking on the beach's and strolling on the piers that looked interesting. We were able to watch the surfers at Huntington beach and see Dolphins swim through them. We were able to get in some crazy people watching and both received some bad sunburns. We took a nap in the afternoon and went to a movie at night. The day was very relaxed, just what we both needed. Sunday we went down south to see Julie, Anne's cousin. I was able to pick my first orange off the tree and we headed to Crystal Cove for a beach front brunch. The place that she took us was called the Beach Comber and I had the best omelet that I have had in awhile. The wait was an hour and we just walked up and down the coast and talked. The sound of the ocean was just great.

The party did have to end and I took Anne to the airport after brunch and she headed back home. I decided after feeling sad for an hour to go and get in a long run. I planed a route and was off on a 12 mile run. I took the first half slow and felt really good and so I picked up the second half and had a good time.

I am really missing my kids and family and hope that the time will go by fast and I will be able to get home soon. I really miss the kids and hope that all is well. When Anne went home the kids did not want to leave John and Jen's home which is always a good sign.

Funny or not, I wore my PC visor on Saturday and realized that short hair and a visor without sunblock is a bad idea. I have a red ring on the top of my head and it hurts like crazy. I wish I had a picture because it looks really funny.

Tell next time,

I love you Anne and miss the kids,