Thursday, July 30, 2009

48 hours on Summerplace 2

This past weekend I was taken to a magical place called Lake Powell. My parents have a houseboat, ski boat, and jet skies that they offer to the kids and grand kids while they are gone to use. A few of us came up with a crazy idea last year to have a trip for 48 hours that did nothing but focus on our the kids. We ended up having 26 people arrive and 8 of them were adult and the rest were kids ranging in age from 3-17. This is how the weekend went from Tyler's mind.

The cars temperature gauge showed triple digits as we arrived at our last gas stop on the way to no where Utah to a lake called "Lake Powell" . The kids were in good order, the sun had gone down and Anne and I were enjoying the last few hours of driving. The second I stepped on the boat I felt a tingle run down my spine. It may have been from driving 7+ hours or possible that I entered a magical place. The AM light came quickly and so did the giggles of kids jumping into 82 degree water at 6am. I took the last few seconds I would have alone for several days and took inventory of where I was and how good I was feeling.
The sun seemed to burn happiness into our souls and burns onto our skin but that did not stop or slow us down. The rest of the group trickled in over the next several hours and by days end we were on a beach looking at the nights starts after a day of non-stop fun. The official start did not even happen until the next morning. 48 hours went by in a bluer, I do remember smiles from my 3 year old daughter from the water and beach where she spent 20 hours a day. I remember tubing, wake boarding, knee boarding, riding the jet skies, riding in the boat, getting ice cream, building sand castles, bobbing in the water, jumping off the houseboats roof, eating great food a couple times a day, Rob snoring so loud people across the lake were yelling at us (not Rob since he was still sleeping soundly). I can see clearly the hugs between Josh and his BFF Libby, Jackson doing flips in the air off the tube both backwards and frontwards. I remember trying to dump kids while driving the boat and seeing them on the tubs holding on for dear life and not really getting dumped nearly as much as I would have liked. I remember NO FIGHTING, none at all. 26 people living for a few days with little sleep in a space that is less than my small little rental home. I remember the stories being told, jokes being played and being really sad when the trip came to an end. For 3 days I did nothing but act like a kid with my kids and loved every moment.

This trip cemented memories that will live forever and possible never be replaced, except maybe next year when we do it again with Nana and Papa leading the charge at 70+ years old. Let the good time roll.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

To be or not to be?

Finding a buyer for our home was more difficult this time than it ever has been. Anne has always made her homes look wonderful and buyers have come pretty quickly. The effort that we had to go through to get a contract shows how tough the market really is right now.
We went to closing knowing that the buyer was having challenges with his buyer and if that deal went south so did ours. In good faith we moved out, made repairs and incurred substantial costs only to realize that the day of closing came and went. We were told that deals are harder to get through right now and waiting a few days would make sense BUT we need to prepare to decide if we want to stay in our rental and re-market our home or move back. I am not sure how many people like to pay rent and a mortgage on an empty house so I believe that we will be moving again sooner than we planned and not where we planned.
Life's like a dance, sometimes you lead and sometimes you .........get beat down by the girls boyfriend whom you clearly did not know and who at the time would love to kick your butt. (I am not sure Garth Brooks sang it this way or not!)
Anyways the adventure continues on and we will see if it was to be or not to be?

Love you Anne,