Monday, June 22, 2009

Race Report for Loveland Lake to Lake

Leading up to this race was life as normal which is untypical for me the day before a race. I had a long day working on Friday, home fast to help with the kids and then off to bed by 9pm. I was not able to settle down and pack for the trek up to Loveland until 8pm. I only forgot my race belt but was offered a spare by Beth (thanks). I love this race and was pretty excited to do it for the 3rd year in a row. Last year I was able to put together a good race because I had a "rabbit " on the course a head of me named Sonja. She helped me run the fastest 10K ever that day and when we saw that this year the roles were reversed it was game on!!!! Sonja and I and Beth and I put a bet together for T1 time and T2 time combined for all out bragging rights. Jayde West from Las Vegas was up seeing family and decided to race with me and so we made plans to meet at 4am and caravan together. Jayde raced sick and gave it all he did but ended up heading home early and I was sad not to see him more on the day.

I arrive on time and was ready to go by the time Practical Coaching was taking pictures and heading into the H2o for warm up. I had talked to Coach Steve the night before and told him I was not holding back and was going to try to push the entire race to get a spot for Nationals. I was able to qualify last year and wanted to do it again.

I was the first wave in the H2O and took it easy the first 250 yards. The Wave had Elites and 34 & Under all together and it was brutal. I have never been beat-up at much on a swim as I was this day. I ramped up hard and let the day begin.

Sonja had not caught me yet but and since this course was an out and back I new that she was getting close. I was feeling REALLY good on the first 3 miles and then started to deal with cramp at the start of 4. Just then I saw Sonja and yelled "you better come and get me" and then put my head down and ran as fast as I possible could to make her work for it. She is normally able to run 30 seconds or more faster than me per mile and so I was able to keep her off my heals until mile 5 when she caught me. I again gave the best surge I had and sent her on her way feeling good that I fought a good fight. I did not think much about my side ache the last mile in but instead felt really proud of my effort. I finished with the Kids in Toe and it was a great day.

Since I was the first group off I was able to check my time coming across the mat and saw that I took 2 minutes off of my time last year. What a great feeling and I am glad that I am able to still see a drop. Thanks to all that helped to make the day great. Thanks to Anne for coming and yelling and bringing the kids. You are such a great friend and I love you!!!! I ended up taking 11th in my age group and qualified for Nationals in August in Alabama.

The Kids had fun dancing to the musice and playing as they did awards and we all rested on the hill side. Love you guys.

Boo Yaaa,


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