Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Living a Lake Powell summer

I was raised on Lake Powell from the time that I can remember. Sleeping on top of the houseboat and waking to the sun as it lifted over the red rocks of southern Utah. Playing on the boat with the tubs, wakeboards and kneeboards until my arms were too tired to hold on to the rope. Going touring and falling asleep to the sound of the motor and the gentle bounce of the boat as it rolled through the waves in the main channel. Eating great meals and snacks all day and at night feeling the cooling sensation of lotion bringing much needed relief to the days sunburn. THE STARS in the billions looking over me in the dark night and spending the last few minutes until sleep overtook me looking for satellites. I spent weeks each summer doing these activities every year and now I get to see my kids have the same experiences and I have to say I could not be any happier. Lake Powell is magical, it was as a kid and now I even believe it more as a adult. I will always love this place, love what it does to me and my family. My kids now are doing what I did when I was 3 and 6 and 8. Jumping off the top of the houseboat, playing in the water for hours at time and living all day long on the beach. This is my Lake Powell and I hope that you enjoy some of the pictures of this summer.

We miss it already and can't wait until we can go again.

Lexi, Jackson, Sam, Liz, Johah and Josh on the Tube at the end of the day.

Lexi was tired and fell asleep after a few hours of touring on the boat

After the boat was set on the beach it was time to play with the kids

Getting Jackson and Thomas ready to kneeboard with the houseboat in the background.
(Crazy hair provided by Rob Walton)
Josh with his BFF Libby and Lexi sporting summer sun glasses

Lexi could not wait to play on the beach the first day on the trip, she spent time here every day

This was Josh's first year kneeboarding and I was able to help him get started. Jackson is looking cool on the other side

Up and away

Jackson chillin on the tube in the slips getting ready for some play time


  1. Make sure you invite me when you do it again!

  2. love the pictures. Sure wish we were there the same weekend!!