Sunday, February 27, 2011

Webelos in Colorado Springs USAFA

For those that are not aware I am an assistant leader in troop 317. We are the Phoenix Patrol and we have 16 active boys in our den. Our leader is Brent Hinkston and his drive and passion for service to the scouting program is amazing. We have quite a schedule for our Webelos this year and a visit to the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs was this months adventure for the Scientist activity badge.

(Cadet Chapel 17 spires 150 ft tall made of aluminum, glass and steel)

This was the first time on the Campus of the USAFA for the 3 of us and as we made the drive up the road past security to the visitor center we were impressed with how neat the campus looked on the mountain side amongst the pines. We were greeted by Colonel Beal who despite having a bad cold took us on a tour of the campus grounds including the "Cadet Chapel" (the most popular man made attraction in Colorado) and then over to the annex building where they have the Science and Astronautics school. We were given a tour of the control center where two active satellites are being controlled. Fact that I did not know...It take a satellite 1.5 hours to orbit the earth...

(All the boys at the Cadet Chapel with Colonel Beal)

(Inside the Cadet Chapel at the USAFA in Colorado Springs)

We then were entertained in the labs by fire, liquid and all sorts of scientists mayhem. The boys loved every minute of it and were awesome for the 4 hours we were on campus. Colonel Beal had several student assistance that help the boys make crystals, do several experiments and have a hands on experience with very intelligent students. I was somewhat jealous of the activities that they had planned and really was impressed with the effort.

(Pictures of some of the Cadets that helped us today)

Nearly 1000 students are accepted to the academy a year so the campus is very small compared to other collages across the US. We were able to pass the dorms where they live and see just a glimpse of collage life as a cadet at the USAFA. I have taken several pictures just to remember how great of a day it was and to thank those that made it happen.

(Josh with safty goggles a PRE-Cadet at the USAFA)

(Colonel Beal working on the Scientist activity badge)

Thanks Colonel Beal hope you feel better and to your staff and assistance.
We all appreciate it.

Sorry you missed this one Anne,


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