Monday, June 27, 2011

Lake to Lake Triathlon 2011

The lead up to this race is something that I wanted to make certain was better than last year. Last year I was traveling and was in the whole before I started the day and ended up walking the last several miles of the run. I vowed that I would be smarter with how I spent the time before the race and worked hard to know how I felt and what I could give on race day.
The other big change that I have been having this year is how I view racing all together. In years past I was training between 10-20 hours a week, racing hard and having my focus be all about improving time. I wanted to get faster and that was it. Now that training time has come down to 10 hours on a good week. I am just in a period of life where that is all I can give as they say "it is what it is" and I happy for what I can do. That being said I had a few goals coming into the race.
1. Race to what I have to give that day. No Walking on the run!
2. Enjoy the day, I have been way to serious in past races and that needed to stop and today was the day I would make it so.
3. Be smart with what I have and use it wisely. Swim hard, ride hard and run hard and do it so I can run hard to the end.

Anne was racing as well today in a relay and she was the bike portion and she rocked the house. She was with her marathon training partner Nancy and her brother and the three of them put a good race together.
Keith was our knight in shinning armor and watched the kids during the event so we could race and I have to say what an act of kindness that was. This is the second time this year that our friends have pitched in to help with the kids so Anne and I could race and we appreciate it beyond words.

Swim (26:03)
I was able to get a few arm swings in before the start of the race this year and no real warm up which usually is around 20 minutes. My timing for the day was such that I just did not have the time. I saw my trusted friend Anthony and we talked for a quick minute before the first wave (my wave) started. I took it out very slow as to try to give my body some time to get warm. It did now work and by the first buoy I was pushing race pace effort and was working my way past the gents that took the first 200 yards too quickly. The swim this year was steady and I felt really good about getting relaxed and moving forward.
I could hear the cheering from the water exit while still swimming in for the first time ever. It was AWESOME and it was fun to exit the water and hear my name being yelled as I made my way up to T1 which is a long 1/4 mile jog. I did have time to do a dance move for Coach Beth, the first act to having fun during the race!

Thanks to the Wieck's for the pics

Bike (1:28:42) 30 mile bike
T1 went smooth and I was on my TT bike racing again and it was a good feeling. Coach Beth and I discussed breaking the bike and run into segments and racing them so I could finish strong on the day. The first segment was slow out of town and easy on the climbs with a hard effort on the rollers back to town. Also for the first time had TT bar hydration and did not have to grab for my bottles. IT ROCKED and I was able to consume 75 oz of liquid on the 30 mile ride in even small sips. Loved it!
The slow swimmers and fast bikers had all passed me by the time we started climbing so I was proud that I was able to keep a really good effort and as I made it to the rollers I was able to push as the plan called for. I did not jump as other passed me and really focused on making the day my day. I kept my HR in the area that we had talked about and realized in past races that I was pushing way too hard and payed for it on the run.

Run(46:43) Not bad!
T2 was smooth and I was on my way. I stopped and reset my watch which forced me to take a few deep breaths before I jumped into the 10K run. In 2009 I ran the fastest 10K I have run 44:58 and in 2010 I ran a pretty slow one 54:50 so my goal this year was to run to what I could sustain and not push over the top. I was going to use my HR as a guide and let the time be what it was going to be. I was relaxed on the run through the neighborhood, calm around the lake and kind of happy cause I was running well. I saw Anthony around the same place I do each year and that told me he was having a good day (2nd AG) and so was I. I was even able to give some high fives as I made my way around the run course. The second half was a blast. I was able to see so many friends and familiar racers that it was a constant opportuinity to yell, smile and forget about running hard. I made my way past where I was walking last year and was running at a 7:30 pace which for me was AWESOME. I passed where I had my head down in shame last year feeling strong. I ended up coming into the finish full of joy. I did not win, I was not even close but......I took victory in my own way and that my friends is the best feeling.

Thanks for the pics Wiecks!

Here are some pics of the event and after party.....Yep we took the boat and went and had some fun at Horsetooth Res.

To all that helped, cheered and made the day fun....THANK YOU.

Lexi Walton, Charlotte Ford, Annie Wieck
Race day friend having a good time

Love you Anne

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