Monday, March 5, 2012

Week 9 of IM training

The week ended with a group ride outside in 60 degree weather. The sun was beating down on our necks and backs and it was much needed warmth. We spent as much time talking and laughing as we did riding since most of us had not been off our trainers for several months. For me it was a great end to the biggest training week so far in this IM build.
I completed 11 of 13 activities that were on my schedule for a total of just under 16 hours of training. This week had some unusual parts to it as I did most of the workouts before work or during lunch. Lunch time on Thursday I had a 1:15 run and when I left the car the temperature gauge showed 40 degrees so I went in shorts and a few layers on top. In that hour the weather changed and ended up snowing the last 20 minutes. The temperature dropped nearly 20 degrees in that hour and the only thing I could do was laugh.
Anne and the kids seemed to be good this week and on Saturday we had a great ski day with Rob and Kristin’s families. We took Liv up since John and Jenn are cruising in the Panama Cannel.
It was a very tiring week this week but my spirits were really high. I know that I have several more weeks with this type of volume in them and I hope for the ability to have as good of an attitude as I did this week. I am pleased with the progress on my base build in my mind. I have not seen much of any change in my HR/Effort yet but I am sure it will come around. A few friends that were signed up to do the IM with us have dropped for different reasons and now some of my thoughts are just about getting to the starting line.
This next week the volume drops down and it seems like a very easy week. I have the Canyon Lands half Marathon in two weeks and I am looking forward to racing a half marathon and seeing what I can do.
Thanks Anne for the support this week and making it easy for me to chase a dream.

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