Friday, May 4, 2012

Race Week Knoxville Rev3 70.3

This is my first Triathlon of the season and on top of that one that I am traveling to. I find it kind of funny trying to remember all the items that I will need to pack and get ready for this race. I am sure I will forget something and that is why the Expo's are fun, I usually need to buy something. I am grateful that I have Tony going on this trip with me and I am a bit sad to leave behind Beth, John and Keith. We have been training together for the last 6 months and I am the only one that will be doing a tune up race before IMCDA. I am excited to have Sonja and Michelle there working the event for Rev3 and figure I will get some extra love at transition (Maybe a spot near the pro's or something cool like that). It is very evident that I have had to slow down this year to make my goals and as I work on my game plan for Sunday I get excited to see how it will unfold. I am not looking for a time result per say but executing a game plan all the way to the finish.  I have been successful on my last 3 70.3’s walking the last 4-6 miles of the run completely destroyed.  I have made several of my long training rides the past months on the course of my last 70.3 that I did in Denver called Harvest Moon. This course ate my lunch and over the last few rides I have come to see the results of my new training efforts. I expect that I will have a heart rate average between 20-25 beats per minute below my last 70.3 on both the bike and the run. What is very amazing to me is that I do not suspect that my time will be much slower. I do not know for sure because it will be a very hot race with 90 degrees as the high in Knoxville and heat takes its toll on me. I love race week and I am very thankful to Anne for making is a non-issue for me to go. I will keep her and the kids in my mind not as I try to go faster but as I try to be smart. Knoxville here I come!

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