Sunday, September 9, 2007

20+ Long run

All week long I was thinking about the 24 mile run on my schedule. I wondered if I would do good, succeed or run into some unknown challenge. I decided to use the trail that was plotted by Steve that went around Chatfield. It looked like a good mix of trails, cement and low traffic. I also decided to try to get some help from fellow PC athletes and sent out an email on Thursday asking for runners to join me. When I checked my email on Friday I had a group of 5 that said they would run between 6-14 miles with me, my parents even said they wanted to do a water stop and they said that they would be at mile 18 and really excited to help. I was totally excited and knew that they would be a huge boost. Friday nights sleep went crappy and I ended up getting to sleep around midnight to 1am. The alarm went off at 10 minutes to 5am and I was up and ready to get the run going. I dumped a cooler at mile 5 and 7 and had arranged with my most wonderful wife to help from miles 12-22.
Michelle and Beth both were at King Sooper's before I arrived and a minute later we were off. We started at an 11 min/mile pace and held between 9:20-10:20 most of the first 12 miles. I was cautions in my communication and really enjoyed listening to Beth and Michelle visit and the three of us had a really great start. Michelle looked awesome and Beth has a calm run stride that just simply rocks, I thank both of you for your help off the front half. Great run to the both of you. Anne found us at mile 14 along with my parents who were excited to be apart of such a huge day. Both Beth and Michelle went back to their cars then and Nicole and I ran together. She talked about being an Iron Man and all that come with it, wow what a huge champ you are. Thank for getting up and running the barren stretch of the route. Jackson and Josh even got in on helping me and ran my pace for a few blocks, I have to say both of you boys will be great runners and I look forward to the day where we can run races together. Keep up the good work boys I love you tonz. Anne took Nicole back to her car and planned on meeting me at mile 20, my parents smile as they headed to help Kristin install her dishwasher. I was alone and tired and wicked proud of myself because I was making a new longest distance run with each step I took. I approached Titan road and felt my left leg from the knee down to my foot start to tighten and hurt. I pushed on for a few more minutes and the pain got worse and my calf started to tighten more than it ever has. I stopped and tried to stretch it and get it to loosen and a few minutes later I was running again only to have it get worse a few moments later. At mile 20.5 I decided that I needed to be smart and I stopped my run. Nearly 3.5 hours of running has passed and I had been 3 miles farther than I have ever run before and I was really on top of the world. I had run longer than 20 miles at one stretch and I felt pretty good about that part. I found Anne a little later at mile 21, it was 1 hour later then she expected and so she was really worried. I hate to make you worry love so I am sorry that I did not instruct you better. She drove me to get all the water we left on the course and back to my car. She and kids spent all of Saturday morning helping Dad workout and I am really glad that you are so willing to be apart of this. I talked to Steve as I was driving home and his words of support and comfort meant a lot, I am glad for such a dedicated coach. It is Sunday night and I am still deep down inside happy about the fact that I ran 20+ miles yesterday. I am stronger today with my running, closer to finishing my first Marathon and really the best Tyler I have ever been. Thanks to all that help this weekend between the calls, running with me, or helping me out with water and calorie's, you all rock. Most of all I love you Anne, Thanks for being apart of my 20+ long run,

I love you Anne,

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  1. You rock Tyler. That's a long run, and what an accomplishment to know that you went longer than you ever have before.
    Anne is awesome for all the support. She rocks too!