Thursday, September 20, 2007

Life always changes

Ok so this week was fun, Track on Tuesday night we had a 4 mile Cross Country run, I was still sick so I thought I was just going to hang out. Anne came with me and did the warm-up alone and I still was not going to run. We all headed over to the starting line which was in Cherry Creek Res. and lined up into 6 teams of at least 6. One of the runners mapped out the 4 mile course and put everyone into groups and was going to lead the run on his bike. I had on my workout clothes but was going to help Steve with the timing then all of a sudden something strange overtook me and I jumped in line right behind Anne. She turned and smiled and said "I thought you were not going to run" The only response I could come up with is I just really want to. How lame is that....I am willing to admit today that I am a competition junky!!!!!Yes I need help.

The gun went off (not really a gun but all races should have a gun so pretend that this one did). I started to run with Anne in the mid pack and after a few hundred feet I noticed that the groups were splitting and so I told my wonderful wife good by and took off for the lead group. I did not warm up at all and so I tried to stay with the back of the lead group for the first few miles and then I would pick it up. I found Mike whom I had run many track laps with and sat on his heels and when we passed mile one I asked the pace and he said 7:18. Pretty fast but felt good, I decided to stay on his heels for the next mile and then I would pick up the pace. Mile 2 came pretty fast and he said 6:42. Wow pretty fast but still feeling good and the course for the next little bit was flat so I picked up the pace pretty aggressively. I did not have a watch so I do not know mile 3 but by the start of 4 I had passed 3 others and had 2 more in my sights. Mile 4 started with a two little hills climbs and on the first on I sat on the heels of Brian and we started to work on reeling in another guy I do not know. Brian kept a really good pace up the first hill and by the second we had caught this guy and I made a surge to pass them both. I pushed it really hard to the end and my lungs were screaming. I did not have a watch because I gave it to Anne because I was not going to run but in talking to Brian and another guy I figured I came in some where in the neighborhood of 26 Minutes. PR for me on a 4 mile course for sure and I am pretty happy with it for no warm up and having a head cold.

Sonya you kicked some serious tail out their also, I tried to catch you but you were wicked strong and I could not even come close, good job to you and to all the PC runners. You all rock and look good.

On to the real news,,,,,,,,,I am a Husband and a Dad first and an athlete second and sometimes that causes problems. I signed up for the St. George Marathon because it was a race I grew up knowing about. Winning my lottery spot was really exciting and then to find out Eric B and Jeff L were going to be running it also made this seem perfect. I am really looking forward to these guys having a good race and wish you the best. Family matters came up and I am not able to go on this trip. I need to be home and so it kills me to say this but I am not going to the ST. George marathon......I have know about this for a few days and it has killed me to cancel my trip. It makes me even more disappointed to know that I had put in all this work and would not be able to run the race I was working towards. Anne came to me on Tuesday night and said how sorry she was I was not able to go and the she heard of some of the PC athletes going to the Denver Marathon the following weekend. I looked it up and the race is not full and I am able to make that date because of how close it is to home. I get to sleep in my own bed and then run my first Marathon in my home town. I am sorry to all those that I committed to running with but hope you all can understand that this happens some times.

Talk to you soon,

I love you Anne,



  1. Well I just finished my day at 1:15am and felt bad for not calling you back sooner. I don't seem to have enough hours int he day. Hmmm...sounds like a cliche.

    Killer time on your four mile run! Now that you are running the Denver marathon maybe I will come cheer you on.

    Keep rockin. I'm headed to Michigan tomorrow.

  2. You are a crazed adrenalin competition junkie. I know because I'm one too, and we can recognize our own kind.
    That said, awesome job Tuesday...if you had started with me, you would have finished ahead of me.
    I'm really excited that you are running Denver with us, we can't wait. I hear Kirk is running it too, so we should include him and his family in the festivities!
    See ya tomorrow!

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