Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Running of the Green

Ok so this past weekend Anne did here first race of the year and kicked some serious tail. Steve and Andrea and Sonja ran the race also so Troy, Me and the kids played Cheer club and did a fine job at it if I say so. The temp was very cold but we kept everyone warm with cloths and when the gun went off we yelled like mad. We saw the lead group take off and then went to a spot just before the 4 mile marker and waited for the racers to come thought. The leaders came running by super fast, I was very impressed at the speed they hold on a 7K course. When we saw Jordan Jones he was among the top and smiled at us as we yelled his name like a couple of crazed fans. Steve, Sonja and Amy were also among the leaders and did really well. I am impressed at how graceful they look even though they are running very fast miles. Anne, Andrea, Christopher came with the wave of runners and it was hard to spot them. Anne was able to see us and came and gave the boys a high five. I was very impressed with her success and was glad we were able to watch and yell. I love to race and enjoy going to events. I was uncertain of how fun it would be taking care of 3 young kids and trying to support the racers we new but strange as it was I had a blast and can't wait for her to run again. I also am excited to support a tri this summer and volunteer. I love being around athletes that are wanting to do well and are trying their best to do so. I look forward to this summer and the race season. Good job Anne you are great and a sub 9 pace for your first race of the year is very impressive. Keep it up

I love you Anne,


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