Saturday, March 8, 2008

Waterton Canyon

Just finished my first run of the season up Waterton Canyon and what a great run it was. I did not have much mileage to run, just 6 so I was able to enjoy and soak it up. The sun was out and the wind in the canyon was not too harsh and I was able to run alone. Most of the PC group was either at Moab or Snow Shoe nationals and I hope that they all did well.
I had a run easy out and then a descending run back 30 seconds per mile and so I was moving on the last mile. I felt proud of myself to be able to stay steady on the out and then was able to keep a good pace each mile on the way back. I feel good when I can follow my schedule and actually do what it says. Steve would be very pleased. Tomorrow I am hitting City View with all those that did not go out of town and it should be good. Have a great day.

I love you Anne,


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