Sunday, May 11, 2008


One day a year we have the opportunity to tell our Mother's and Wives what we think of the job they do. We tell them in the way we try to let them sleep longer. We give them presents made at home, school and Mexico or China. We make a meal or two without them, thinking the whole time that this is a nice thing to do even thought the food is sick and the whole time we are asking ourselves how this burnt something sitting at the table is considered food. I have burnt my fare share of easy to make dinners for Dads. Then the day turns into night and we seem to be ready for bed at 6pm and can't wait until we can go to work on Monday and let our Mothers or Wives get back to work. Ah yes, the joy of Mothers day. I am now positive that I can only handle this day once a year.

My Anne is the greatest mom in the most little package. She is full of heart and love for me and our kids. I have tried to run the house the way she does and failed. I have tried to cook like she does and burnt it. I have tried to love the kids and have the patience that she does and fell way short. I have tried to be kind to others the ways she is and realized that I am not that nice. I have tried to have the understanding that she does and I don't. She is quite the woman.

I love the way she keeps my home, takes care of the kids and watches over me. I want her to know on this Mother's Day that we all realize what a great woman she is. Enjoy your day it only last a few hours and know that if we could handle it more than once a year we would. If we could get the job done more often we would. You are blessed with talents that none other has and we are in awe. We miss you when your gone, we call you when we are hurt or sick and we think first of you when we want to share the moment.

Thanks for being Our Mother and Wife.



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