Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Kids Triathlon weekend

This weekend was the Highlands Ranch Kids Splash Mash Dash Triathlon. Ever since Josh saw Jackson race last year he has been asking if he gets to do one. The week leading up to the race we were practicing swimming, riding and running so they would feel good about the race. I was very impressed with the kids and really started looking forward to the weekend.

Mid week Anne and I decided that you could not have a good race without the carb dinner so we invited all participants, friends and family over for a pasta and smore dinner. We had a good time and the kids played until it was time to go home. Some stayed later and we watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics. I was so impressed and have enjoyed watching all the events each night.

Saturday morning was fun getting the boys all ready. We loaded up the bikes and headed off to the rec center. Jackson was not feeling well the past few days but decided that racing while feeling bad was better then not racing. What a Stud. We were able to get them set up in transition and walked the course so that they would feel good and know where to go. We then headed to the pre-race meeting and then to the race start. Josh was the 3rd person to start and when the starter told him to go he jumped in the water and was off. His swim was good, he was all smile coming out of the water and was headed to T1. I helped him in T1 and then it was off to the bike. He looked good and was headed out on the course. A few minutes later he was back insight and coming in to T2. He dropped the bike, helmet off and he was running for the Run Exit. He looked good on the run and was all smiles as he came into the finish shoot. I was very proud of Josh, he looked really good on his first triathlon and now he is a triathlete.

They had a quick break and then it was time for the 7-9 year old to go. Jackson was about 10 back from the start and when it was his turn he took off and looked good. He had a 50yd swim and then was out of the water just like Josh, all smiles. He did well with the bike course and on the second loop his sickness and energy level hit him. He came into T2 and was really tired, but wanted to finish. He did really well on the run course and ended up running to the finish line. I was very proud of him for doing as well as he did.

Anne and I had a good time watching our kids and felt good about the family day. I really enjoyed this weekend, my training was not as big and so I was able to concentrate more on being a Dad. I love the kids and I am very proud of them. Here are some shots from the weekend.

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