Thursday, August 21, 2008

Nice Toy!!!

3:35am Awake to strange noise....roll over and look at the clock.....roll over again and try to sleep but realize that a toy of the kids decided to start playing a nice "sing song" on its own.
PAUSE...think to myself? "Should I wake Anne and tell her to turn it off" PAUSE decided that I would like to stay married, and swing my feet over the bed. Not quite awake I wonder why this toy is so loud and realize that I am getting mad. Does this toy know that I am getting up at 4:30am to catch a flight. Does this toy even care? Obviously not, or it would keep quite until I was in the shower and wake Anne up!!!!
Make it down stairs and, pick up the toy and try to think of the best way to break it. Walk calmly to the garage and contemplate throwing it on the cement and then decided that I might hit a car and set it down.
Walk back to bed proud that at 33 I am starting to be able to control my anger when I am forced to wake up to a Stupid, piece of crap toy making song sounds that really don't sound like a real song. In fact, I would not hire this toy to sing that song anywhere. Yep I am getting better.....
Off to bed and then realize that I am just a little mad and spend the next 45 minutes thinking of why I let this "NICE" little toy get to me.....
Beep, Beep, Beep.
Crawl out of bed, shower and head to the airport.....
Open the garage and kick the toy as I am leaving.......That will teach you....Toy now has feelings!!!

9:34pm arrive home, open the garage and pull my car in. Get my bag, start to walk inside and see this nice toy. Many hours later I feel that I have calmed down to be reasonable and try to walk by the toy on the ground.....NOPE not yet (I pick up the toy and toss it in the garbage and say to this toy whom I am sure now has feelings "that will teach you") YEP I AM GETTING OLDER AND SMARTER.


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  1. There are no words for this post. I am just cracking up at you.