Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A few things!!!!

Me: Work has been very challenging the last few months and at the point that I thought that things would be smoothing out it changed and got harder. I enjoy working in the environment that I am in and have worked really hard at changing how I look at it "who moved my cheese". I have been a bit down and to this end I am making a change and should be feeling better really soon.

After the Rage I was home for a week while Anne and the kids went to see family and work on Liz's home. I realized the simple things that happen in a given week are what I miss the most when it is gone. I love my little Lexi and hanging out with her is one of my top 10 joys.

Some days it is important to know that you just have to wear shades. At Josh's birthday party Lexi keep it very cool.

Jackson worked very hard on his Pinewood derby car at the Blue and Gold banquet his car raced really well. He would take 2nd or 3rd most of the time and had a blast. I was working in LA that night and I am sad that I missed it but the photos and video made me feel better.

We decided to drive to Las Vegas to race in Mid April and the boys stayed with me most of the time and were great. They rocked out to music, video and playing the DS's together. These guy rock and were really fun to travel with. We rented a home and had a good time with all the parents and kids that stayed with us. The race was good and we had a good time.

I like racing but most of all I like racing with my Peeps. It was awesome to race with such a large group and most everyone had a good race. This is a picture of the big group doing recon the day before the race. Good job everyone.

While the big group did recon Michael Ford, John M and I took the kids to see Hoover Damn. We had a really good time. The kids were excited to see the huge damn since seeing it on the movie Transformers.

I am a pretty lucky guy to have what I do. I am not sure if I make that known enough so I thought that I would end with that. I love my family, I really love my family.
Love you Anne,

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