Thursday, May 7, 2009

A good miss and a good workout

The last few months have been a challenge for me to string together a good set of workouts. I have been able to keep up on most but I have had a challenge trying to be on my game consistently. This week it happened, back to back good workouts and it looks like I have more to come.

It started by looking at my May calendar and seeing the distance shrink and the variety of what I like in workouts starting to appear. Tuesday I had a personal track workout with 16x400 as the main workout. I live 1.5 miles away from a good track and headed there in the morning. I felt good, decided to do the workout without my Ipod toed the line and started my first set. The pace was written at a 10K pace but I ended up missing and rolling in on my 5K pace. The same problem happened rep 2-4 so I decided to go keep the change and see what the last 4 would feel like. Each set I felt better and better, my mind became clearer and the stresses of the world left for awhile and I was able to focus on my workout and push myself. I remember this time last year that I was having the same challenges. Soon I was done with 12 and keeping myself within 3 seconds of my starting lap. I finished strong with the last 3 being the fastest on the day. I ran slow home and started the day feeling great with a good workout under my belt.

The very next day was TT for 2 hours, 1.5 sub R/P with 10 :30 pickups. BOOOO YAAAAA. I started from home and headed south. They finally paved the road over Daniels Park to Castle Rock so I headed that direction. I did my warm up and then settled down into my 1.5 hr effort at sub Race Pace. I climbed harder than normal, I pushed the downhills a little faster then I usually do and 40 minutes later I was at RT 85. I was going to do an out and back but missed on my timing so I took a left and headed to Chatfield. I was on flats, in arrow and pushing like it was race day plus a little. The time flew by, so did the morning traffic which was very cool to me this day. I keep interjecting my 30 seconds of pickups, some on the flats, some on the hills. I took a right on Highlands Ranch Pkwy and headed back through HR to home. I had a few good climbs to finish up the ride and did so with a good solid effort. I felt good mentally and was proud of the workout.

I love the spring when the weather is nice in the AM and you can get a good workout in before the day starts. For the second day in a row I was able to put work aside and concentrate on what I enjoy as my hobby and it felt great.

Tonight is a group run at Chatfield,

Love you Anne,



  1. Tyler,

    Thank you for your posts and concern. This is a very challenging time and I truly appreciate your kind words!
    I will continue to check in on you and live vicariously through you!! You are going to have a great year and mainly because you have great balance in your life and know that if triathlons are taken away tomorrow you are still one of the luckiest guys in town because your rich in so many other ways!
    Watch out after I am healed and recovered because I intend to hammer it in the pool and be the fastest chick on deck!! (hey... one can dream, right??)

    Take care!!

  2. What a great day! Congrats on a great race! You rock! Was it awesome being podium fodder? I can't believe i didn't come cheer you on! We decided to spend time together before John went to his moms. I am very proud of you!