Sunday, March 14, 2010

134BPM Average for workout

The month of March has for me has been all about weights and low heart rate training. Last week I had a LSD run for 2 hours where I kept my HR average below 150. This week was a 3 hour brick with 2 hours riding and 1 hours swimming. The goal for the day was to keep all things in check to allow myself to maintain a low HR. I have not been on the bike with a max HR goal for a very long time so it made the day fun for me. I set my alarm to beep and get mad at me past 140BPM. I left home "second left past Kansas" and started my fun epic day. By the time I was 10 minutes into the ride I was freezing and turned around to go and get more clothes.
Shoe covers, Full hooded hat, bigger gloves and my Practical Coaching Riding Jacket was the addition that I put on. Leaving the neighborhood I felt better and more prepared for the bad weather I was riding into. I headed west on Iliff going all the way to the Cherry Creek bike path. The traffic between my home and this point is full of very rude, crappy drivers and really surprises me how bad they treat cyclist. When I hit the bike path the snow started to fall and I was toasty warm and feeling good. My HR stayed in the right zone and I would only have the alarm go off when I was climbing. I took a loop in the Cherry Creek Res. and then jumped out of the park on Parker road. I headed south to the 24 hour fitness at Parker road and Arapahoe road. Walking into the pool I saw the kids getting ready for family swim with mom. I switched from cycling clothes into my swimming gear. I took the next hour chillaxin in the pool to finish my 3 hour brick. It felt great training at such a low HR. I took a look at the results on my Garmin and averaged 134BPM for the 2:12 hour ride. I had a max HR at 170 and burned 1608 calories.
The swim felt really good and I am pleased with the key workout for the week. I look forward to the season this year.
Some interesting points for this workout are as follows:
-25 oz of water for the ride
-1 bar at 170 calories consumed during the whole 3 hour event and I felt strong in the end!
-Started eating in the 3rd hour
-sweat rate was the lowest I have every had. I did not take off a wet base layer at the transition.
-Swim felt very, very smooth and was able to focus on form

This month is a build month and I look forward to my RMSS Cycling training camp in 2 weeks in Moab, Utah.

Tell next time BOOOO YAAAAAAA

Love you Anne,


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