Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sticking my head in the snow

With all that is going on with national politics I thought I would take a moment to reflect. I was emailed a this photo from my brother John a few weeks ago and finally took a few seconds to take a look at it.

Jackson, Josh and his forever BFF Liv skied this day with John while I was with Anne and Lexi. This year we have gone skiing as a family 14 times. Lexi is practically skiing on her own, stopping on her own and really understanding how to turn and navigate down the hill. The first full run of the year took us just under two hours with 3 "stop and take off your skis and play around" breaks. The last time up we cruised the very same run in under 30 minutes. She was OK with this new sport but not until she was able to show her cousins and aunts and uncles that she is a big 3 year old skier did she really show signs of enjoyment.
One of the last times up I was able to go with Johh and 7 nieces and nephews and have them try to follow me in and out of the trees and jumps. We even found a man made wooden drop off used for mountain bikes in the summer and jumped off ourselves. Parker did it with me and we had a blast.
I love family activities where we get to be together, at such a very cool location. We are just a few hours a way each week to some would say the world best skiing and we have truly loved it this year.
I am not sure if we will get up again as the weather is changing and so are the interest but if not I will cherish this year and remember how much fun it has been. I love that we can go skiing and some days we have all 20 of Walton's together.
Keep the good times rolling.

Love you Anne,


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  1. Great picture. What great memories you guys have made!