Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hello again, it's been some time

Hello again,

It has been awhile since we last spoke, I am worried that you may feel that I don't love you anymore. That is as far from the truth as it possibly can be. I have been very busy over the last few weeks and I have so much to tell you. I want to give you the full details but it would require a fire, glass of sweet red wine and some time. We can get to that later but for now how about a snappy summary.

-First left past Kansas:
We moved away from the rental into a home. Yep it really worked out, I love it, the kids love it and Anne really loves it so we are very excited. The new home is kind of cool because I can streatch my arms all the way out and not touch walls, kids or other items that would make me feel confined. We closed on a super snowy Friday a week earlier than planned and needed to get everything moved in by Sunday night since I was traveling on Monday for the next 8 days. I called on freinds and family and you all came. You did not comment about how the rental looked, you just grabbed boxes and stuff and did not stop for 2 days. I LOVE YOU ALL.

-Can I get a bungy cord please
I had my RMSS training camp in Moab, Utah 2 weekends ago and was very excited for this adventure. I have never trained with Cat riders and was excited for the challenge. I can sum up the weekend this way....I went all out on the warm-up ride and lasted just a bit. The snow and rain caused me to have a few conversations with the man upstairs as I was about to fall over frozen. I watched from the Sag car as they rocked a ride that has snow, rain and 80 miles all in the title. I had a fun riding up a mountain until my tire slipped on the snow and I had to turn around to be safe. I really just needed a bungy cord and I could have kept up with the group the entire weekend. Maybe next year I will bring one.
I watched Beth rock a 12 hour Adventure race, Cried watching Sonja run, run, run, run, run, run, run and then run some more. Yep this girl did 100 miles running race in 22 hours. Check out the post
I am training hard now and the season is about to start and I am really feeling good about my year. I hired a new coach, (Coach Beth) and have loved the last 6 weeks of training that she has given me. I am going to try to do more this year on less, better training and I think it's going to work.
-The Love of my Life
Anne is the rock in our family and keeps me grounded in all the really matters. Her desire for the Kids, me and our family to have good balance is amazing. I find more each day how I really found my perfect mate. Cheers perfect mate, raise you glass high to celebrate the success of our 3 year goal. You amaze me and keep me wanting to be a better man.
Lexi is really the boss of the house. She is smart, pretty and 3
Josh just turned 7 and is really getting good at being a 7 year old so early in the year. I love his spirit and drive, I love to watch him because he has a lot of me in him. His smile if captured correctly is the best I have ever seen.
Jackson is keeping us busy trying to stay ahead of us as the smart, kind boy in the family. He loves to tend, workout with Dad and play with his new friends in the new neighborhood. He loves his own clean room and that he is able to keep his half of the bathroom clean. (Josh just cant quite get being clean yet, maybe when he is 8)
Work is really at a great place right now. I think that I will be working in the new Supply Chain Division this year and will continue to take care of my current wonderful accounts.

Love you Anne,


Booo Yaaaa


  1. Love the update. I am so happy your are in your house. Pass some of that luck over to us please!! Any events in Vegas? Let us know. Miss you guys.

  2. nice! life is getting all sorted out now isn't it!

  3. Awesome Tyler!!! We're practically neighbors!!!