Friday, June 11, 2010


Ah the iconic American trip (vacation is when you are without kids) has finally made it to the Walton home. In anticipation of making the trip the best we could we purchased the "how to" Disney books, we watched the DVD's and as the departure day is finally here we feel good. Jackson and Josh do not need the "make me taller" shoes since they are the required height for all the rides. This was a real concern in our house. Lexi has packed more dresses than shorts and shirts and well Anne and I are just along for the ride. OK, that last statement is not true, I am totally excited to be a kid for the next week. The Waltons are indeed ready to rock Florida.
Jessica Spittle has slaved away for many, many hours as our trip planner and we are on the beach as much as we are in the parks, which is a good call. We are staying in a rented house between all that we want to do. We have the Wests joining us as well and the three families are going to have a ball.
Coach Beth that has written workouts that I will be able to get done and invite others to join in and will allow for them to get done on the beach or at the house or hotel. That is awesome and I am glad that I have her helping me this season.
It has been several years since we took the time to have a family trip to some place other than Lake Powell or Salt Lake City. Our kids have grown and I think that they are at the perfect age to really enjoy this adventure. Work can do without me for a few days and I will be glad to put my Blackberry away for a few days.
Disney here we come!

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