Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I missed the window to tell at length about our weekend. We are moving in such a fast pace of life right now that I am having a hard time catching up.


We had a night out with Chelsea and Sara watching our kids. What a needed break and I am very thankful for the time away even though we stayed less than 4 miles from our home. Do I still get credit being that close?

Sunday Anne did the group ride and made it to the school house with no problem (14 miles of climbing with some pretty good incline). Anne kept going and went down to 285 before she found out the group was doing a 5 hour ride so she climbed back out and down to the car. It took me 3 trys to get to the school house.

Anne and I are trying to get some Dwell projects done before we take off to Lake Powell with her sister Liz and family tomorrow. To make matters tougher she fired the GC on Saturday morning and has been at the home non-stop for the last 2 days and will finish just in time for us to leave tomorrow at 5pm.

I had a conference call that came up last minute and missed most of track tonight. By the time that I did make it Steve told me to warm up and do the last set which happened to be a 1600(mile). He casually mentioned that he wanted it to be faster than the mile I did last month which happened to be the fastest mile to date. I did not have a watch and I saw that Sonja and John M were running together and that if I held on to Sonja I would for sure make a faster mile than 6:12 my best up until today. Steve mentioned that he wanted the pace to be even as the three of us started. First 400 felt good and fast, I did not have a watch and so I just held on to John and Sonja. Second 400 felt faster because we caught traffic and they surged to keep up the pace. Steve yelled at the end of 800 to pick it up to Sonja so I had no choice but to hold on for dear life. BOOO YAAAA we are haulin some mighty fast tail. 1200 Steve tells Sonja again to pick it up and so she did. In my mind I thought it was going to be even pace. I held on to the very end and gave it all I had on the straight away to the end. Sonja crossed a few steps ahead of me and I found out that she did the 1600 in 5:56 and so I am saying I did it in 5:58. The first time in the sub 6/mile club. Feels good, now I am off to help Anne at the remodel by taking her dinner (I am not really allowed to pick up her tools and use them). Then home and packing for tomorrow. I really just wanted to lock in this run, it felt really good. The whole weekend did, I am sorry not to spend more time writing.

PS. Their is a fun buzz at track tonight as we do our final count down to Nationals. Kind of really fun, so Catch the pulse and get it on......

Love you Anne,

Look forward to LP with you and the kids.



  1. You threw it down tonight. That was a totally honest effort your put forth, I think you should forget you watch more often and run with me all the time. In fact, can you start running in front of me so I can pace off you. :)
    So proud of you, you have accomplished some great things this year. What a success.

    Have a great vacation, use the time wisely to prepare for Nationals, and catch up with those you love. We'll see ya when you get back.

  2. Well done on the mile Tyler! Have a great time with the family and see you next week. I promise to update soon....