Thursday, October 30, 2008

A little closer to home maybe too close

I am a huge fan of the TV show "The Biggest Looser". Each week I sit and watch the struggles of people loosing weight and making life changes. It shows them struggle with working out, changing diets and learning about the new life they are trying to create. The contestants talk about their motivation for life change (started by weight loss) and most of the answers center around family. I want to be around longer, or to see a wedding, or the grandchildren grow up. I want to spend more time with my kids and have the energy to play with them. I want to be a better spouse and so on and so on. It is very interesting to hear them talk about where they came from and what decisions they made that caused them to enter the ever growing club of obesity.

This last week I was asked by Slim4Life to be a part of a photo and video shoot for their upcoming marketing season. Each year they ask some of the clients that made their weight loss goals to be a part of the year's ad campaign. Two years ago I was asked and was happy to participate- I even made it into some of the commercials that aired on TV. My before and after picture was also put up in each center with a testimonial. They decided to add to the campaign this year those that have kept the weight off for a longer period of time and that is why I was asked. On April 26, 2006 I joined Slim4Life at 232 lbs. By July I was down to 181 and hit my goal that I made in April. Today I weigh 170lbs and have kept the weight off for over 2 years, and did so by learning about food and exercise and making a huge life change. I am not sure if anything will happen or maybe you will see me on TV again this fall and winter. I really am not so concerned about that. I really appreciated the help I got and will be a huge advocate for them as long as Slim4Life continues to help people change their life.

The biggest looser only scratches the surface on the downside of eating wrong, not exercising and taking care of one's body for life. The obesity rate continues to climb in America and so does the troubles that follow in its wake. The problems that I hear and see have been a warning to me but until this week never really hit home. On Monday of this week my Dad had his first heart attack and then went straight into a Triple Bypass Surgery to help him survive. He did well and seems to be on the road to recovery - a very long, hard road. It has been made mention that he will need to make some pretty big life changes so that he will be able to have a good chance to stick around a little longer. I hope for the best for him and feel that I can help best by being some type of example. I have made many changes and continue to try to make many more. I would like to be as healthy as I possibly can. I want the energy to play with my kids and not just watch. I want to see them grow old and do so not from the Lazy-z-boy recliner holding some type of processed food. I want to live and enjoy life and I now realize that it takes a constant effort. I want to be the winner of my battles and hope that I can get everyone possible to join in.

I still go to Slim4life because they hold me accountable to my weight. I train and exercise with Practical Coaching because they keep me fit. Anne helps me continue to learn about eating healthy and practices what she preaches. She supports me taking the time away from family to stay fit. This year we are trying to involve the kids more in my workouts. Yes we have started to make the changes that were necessary for my survival. I love my Dad and will hope and pray for the best for him - he has a lot of life yet to live and I am certain that he can do it if he wants.

I will not win the Title of "The Biggest Looser" but I have gained a new life and will fight every day to keep it. I love my family and hope that I can continue to live this life and stay away from the challenges that are associated with living overweight.

This is a photo provided by Slim4Life and shot for the 2009 ad campaign.
Love the before and After
Thanks Dayln


  1. Oh My Gosh!
    You are so hot to trot in the after photo. Sorry Anne, but your hubby is smokin'!

    Tyler, I'm sorry about your dad, I hope he recovers quickly from surgery and that he is able to move towards a healthier lifestyle.

    I'm so impressed with your journey. We all have to find our own way. I love how you have so much more of an appreciation for your health that most healthy people I know. I dig that you are including your family and learning from your wife.

    Kudos, and wow! Anne is a lucky woman!

    :) Son

  2. We heard about your dad last night and are sending him warm fuzzies, hoping all goes well with his recovery.

    Just so you know, you're not only a good example to your immediate family, but you've touched us as well with your journey. Our start has been slow, but we're trying to follow your example by changing our eating habits and getting out more as a family. We love you and are proud of all you've accomplished!

    -- Liz and Tyler

  3. Tyler - You are an inspiration for all. Congratulations on all of your successes, I am really happy to have seen a part of this journey of yours. And, I agree with Son (my apologies Ann). You are smokin' hot!!! I hope everything goes well for your dad:)