Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pictures from San Francisco

Here is the plane shot at the start of the trip. We took up a whole row except for one poor business guy that had to sit next to us. We had a great plane ride and the kids had fun looking out the windows and playing with the toys that Anne packed for them. Josh was surprised and given a Gameboy for the trip which he really liked.
When we went for our epic day of bike riding we stopped on the Golden Gate Bridge in the middle and took this shot. The day was very sunny as was the whole trip. We had 2 mountain bikes, one Burley, for food and gear and 2 kids and we also had a "ride along" attached to the other bike so the boys could switch and ride with us. What a great day.

This is Josh and Mom leading the ride near the park. Josh was just telling us how fun he was having on the "ride along". Looks like we will be getting one at home for the extended rides as a family.

Here is Jackson's and Josh sitting at pier 39 looking at Alcatraz in the background. I hope to return some day for that race.

Everyone needs a pier shot, here is ours. As is said in the original post I loved this trip and really look forward to having more of them in the future. I really love my family and liked this time with them.

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