Thursday, November 13, 2008

Finding fun in strange places

This week I had plans to spend the first half of the week in Salt Lake City for work. I have a handful of clients in and around Salt Lake and family as well so going out each quarter is the norm now. I usually look forward to going and having a good time, but it seemed like this trip was going to be so/so. I had planned on going on a really fun run on Monday afternoon after an easy client meeting for lunch. I had big plans to run on a fun single track on the ridge line of the valley. The client meeting ended up not being easy and took 2 hours longer than planned and all 4 people that I tried to get to join me for the run canceled. I was late and on my own for my workout on Monday. I thought about just blowing it off and watching tv or something lazy as I left our AFC office in SLC heading to the hotel.

I arrived and checked into the hotel at 4:30pm and had dinner plans at 6:30pm with family which allowed me to get in a good 1.5 hour run. The weather in SLC was raining and cold all day and by 4pm it was turning grey. In my room I unpacked and put my cold weather running gear on and realized that I left gloves, MP3, and a good hat at home. I my mind I had switched from questionable to dead set on some type of run, even if I left from the hotel and ran a city sidewalk route. I finished getting ready and looked at the clock, 4:47pm "not what I wanted to see". I made the decision that I was running from the hotel. As I approached the lobby I received some funny looks, the kind that fuel workouts to be better than normal.

It was cold, it was grey and I was ready to get it done. I felt excited to run on tired legs, the cold weather encouraged me focus and make it a good run. I started out slow and at the first light took a left and headed north for 3 miles. I was running on the side walk, on a busy street in the middle of Salt lake city and I know for sure most of the drivers passing me took a second look at the crazy runner. The sidewalk was covered with fallen leaves from trees that had been around for 30+ years. It was cold, wet and seeing my breath let me know it was game on. The work out was a LSD run with pick-ups on the top of each mile for 2 minutes. I felt great the first mile and when I hit the top I pick up the pace. It was fun to put some effort into my run, it was like I was at track again but the surroundings were much different. I was loving the speed and felt great and had a good time running fast again. I did the same at mile 2 and 3 and then made my turn to head west. It was getting dark now and I made the decision to head back to the hotel. State Street was the next main road and I turn left and headed south passing mile 5. The traffic was really busy and I was feeling wonderful. I relaxed and ran the last few miles back to the hotel really loving the choice of routes. I was feeling a high that was much needed and wanted to run longer but new dinner was around the corner. I slowed down and ran a cool down the last quarter mile and really relished the looks as I came into the hotel out of the dark after a great run.

Dinner turned out to be awesome and I loved just relaxing and enjoying the night. I had a twinge of excitement as I looked back and thought about how I found my fun running at such a strange time and place. I am excited to go and do it again soon.

I miss you and love you Anne,


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