Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A run in the park, until it was dark

Today was fun it started when I walked out the door
I decided I wanted a group run to start a 4
I made many calls, some good, some not
I even told one person to get off the pot.

Work seemed to rush by like the speed of light
I was running with friend's before it was night
Wash park was central and easy for all
I was excited we were going to have a ball.

We stared slow with Annie in Tow
5 of us made quite the show
We even had some a comment that caused us to think
"Body guards for Sonja" made us blink
I almost tripped and laughed a ton
hurry up the run was almost done

Troy was a champ, Barry and Annie too
I loved running in my new shoes
We picked it up twice and stayed together
7 minute miles seemed to last forever "NOT"

The sky was yellow, red and warm
the end was near and I was torn
I wanted to run longer and have it stay great
but I had to get home and not be TOOO late

The Run in the park was in shorts and a tee
It made me giddy and laugh Heee Heee
In November it was almost 80 degrees
More days like this I beg you please

A run in the park
Until it was dark

I hope you can come next time Anne,


1 comment:

  1. Tyler!
    That was a totally awesome poem about our run today. You totally nailed it and I bet everyone who turned you down is gonna be super jealous that they didn't come and make it into your poem.

    I'm still laughing about that lady saying you were all my bodyguards.