Saturday, November 22, 2008

Quick work trip to Lake Powell with the Boys

Aramark decided to add more slips for boat owners this year and so My Dad and Partners decided to upgrade the slip so the boat needed to be moved before the end of November. When my Dad and Mom are on Missions we are asked to take care of the boat and make sure it is used. John, Rob and I made plans to go down but Rob had something come up that caused him to stay home.

John came with Parker and Andrew and I took Jackson and Josh and we all jumped in Johns car and headed down. I was raised having to make quick "work trips" to Lake Powell and found the work to be little and the fun to be great. I loved going down as a kid and wanted to make sure my boys had the same experience. We took off Friday afternoon and made plans to come home when the work was done. The drive down was great and even Josh did well. He told Mom on the phone at 10:30pm that I told him he could stay up as long as he wanted. He felt that was a pretty cool thing.

We woke up to a cold November morning at Lake Powell with no one is site. It is very different at low season at the lake. We started the engines and pulled up anchor (not really, just untied the lines) and headed Summer Place 2 to its new home.

We ran the wire to keep the Crows away, ran a new water line, re-tied the anchor lines and attached the power. The boat looks great in its new home, Slot P-13. The boys were able to play in the water, play at the shoreline and make one goodies run to the store. We had a great breakfast John style (pancakes with chocolate chips, hash browns, oranges, and ham). We cleaned up and were on the road by 2pm on Saturday.

I had to do some work and so I thought I would tell you about our little trip as we were finishing it up. We are past Grand Junction and not quite to Eagle so some where in the middle. We are out of the Canyon because I am no longer feeling sick and trying to watch the turns the car is making.

The boys are all playing together with some form of Electronics and having a good time. Did you know that Gameboy DS have Bluetooth and you can play games together wireless? Go figure, when I was a kid we settled for 20 versions of "John Jacob Jinkley Hymer Schmidt".

Good times, I hope that the woman had a good time with girls only for a few days.

Love you Anne,


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