Friday, December 26, 2008

The Day after Christmas

All is well in the Walton home the day after Christmas. We are at Keystone for the day and I am in the car with Lexi as she takes her nap. Anne, Jackson, Josh are on the mountain with John and Jens family and Paul's Family. They are having a great time. Anne is doing better on her 2ND day skiing and Josh is as well. Lexi was cold today so we were only able to make 2 runs before we hit the lodge for lunch and then the car for nap time.

Christmas day was one of the better Christmas days that I have had in a few years. The kids were excited about Santa Clause and were really kind to each other the past few week. We had a good time opening presents and Anne totally hooked me up with a new Ipod and clothes. We had the family over for a brunch and just hanging out. Paul, R & H, J & J all came over for some part of the day. We ate well, played games and because the boys were given Nintendo DS's we did not see them for over 4 hours while they played with cousins. The day was very mellow and really fun, I relaxed and found great peace in my home while we had 20+ running and playing. I love the holidays!!!
Christmas night Anne and I have a weird tradition of going out for Chinese food and getting out of the home. We have done it every year since we were married and now we have friends and family join us.

On Christmas Eve we went to J & J home for dinner and program. We had a very special call from my Mom and Dad who woke up at 3am in Lebanon to call us all and wish us a merry Christmas. That call was bitter sweet since it was so nice to talk to them and bitter because I really missed them this year. As a huge family we had so much going on and they would have had a blast being around. They get home in September if you talk to my Mom and November if you talk to my Dad. What ever time it is, they will be home for the holidays next year.

Christmas Eve I had a 10 mile run to get done. I got a crazy idea of having everyone join me and ride bikes or run with me on the 2ND half of the run which was all down hill. We ended up having Paul run, Anne pull Lexi and Josh's BFF Libby in the Burley. Jenn, Hayley, Andrew, Parker, Becca, Jackson, Josh and Max all were on bikes. We had a blast and I was able to get a good workout in. The run was from 85 in Castle Rock to My home in HR. 10.80 miles and I did it with an average HR of 154, it was an LSD run and I did good and felt great. After that we went to the Rec center for swimming, rock climbing, and playing around. The day was busy and really fun.

If you could not tell by the flavor of the post it has been a pretty good few days, take a look as some of the Christmas video I put on my blog under Christmas.

Tell next time,

Love you Anne,


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  1. Sounds like you are really relaxing and enjoying your time. Merry Christmas and have a wonderful New Year!