Thursday, December 4, 2008


Wake up to Snow and a very cold day
Not in the mood to run 6 miles with 2 tempo pick-ups go back to bed
Long 2 hour drive to work
Long morning at work
Left work early, day is getting better
Toll road home saves 1.5 hours from morning drive time
Day is getting much better
Anne is home and says its OK to go Run
I get excited to run in 16deg weather, snow is still falling
Day is turning out to be really an OK day
I get bundled up and head out to run
Snow is still falling, no tracks on the sidewalk
Breathing hard, good traction, getting a smile on my face which is mostly covered
Pace is good,
Hit the main road, car lights looking at the crazy guy running at night while it is cold and snowing Really feeling good about the day
3 miles down, feeling good, start first tempo pick-up
1/2 mile later let off the gas and laugh because I am having way too much fun
Getting dark, car lights look at me more and more
Feeling calm, feeling warm, feeling happy, loving Anne's Ipod and selected playlist
5 miles down hit the gas again, look at watch, sub 7 BOO YAAAA
No tracks on my path, getting really dark, feeling totally alive
Make the last turn to home and let the gas off do a little skip and a jump feeling good
Warm down the rest of the way home
Walk in the house, Anne and kids are good
Snow stops falling
Day ends great
First run in the snow, dark, alone ROCKED
Big Booo Yaaaaa

Thanks Anne,


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