Sunday, December 7, 2008

Family day skiing at Keystone

Our Day at Keystone, Colorado

This year we wanted to get Josh skiing on his own. It is our goal to be able to ski as a family all together in a few years and so I am the teacher as the kids get old enough to learn. The fact of the matter is Anne has never gone skiing with me and has only skied a few times in her life. Lexi is two and has a tough time keeping her gloves on and staying warm. So our goal of family skiing is pretty lofty in my opinion. We decided to move forward with our goals even though this year will be pretty hard and maybe not so much fun. Jackson gave his skis to Josh and was able to get a new pair. Anne was hooked up with a gentle used set from Jordan and Amy. If anyone needs great gear at a really good price check them out.
I decided that we could let Lexi play on the hill as I worked with Josh and Anne. We went to Keystone and rode the Gondola up to where the Magic carpet training run is, it is also close to where the family gets together to eat lunch. I took only snow boots and made plans to work with Josh and Lexi all day.
Anne put on her skis and took a few turns, she rocked and was on her own by the end of the first run. I would see her making great turns and doing well as she passed me throughout the day. It was really fun to see her do so well, so fast. Josh also decided that he wanted to try hard. His BFF Libby has a year of skiing on him so he worked as hard as he could to learn fast and go with Libby. Jackson took off with his cousins and is getting very independent on the slopes.

By the time lunch came Josh was done with the magic carpet and was ready to go on the beginner ski lift with Mom. He was making good turns, getting better at stopping and not falling down after every turn. Lexi was having fun running down the ski run with me as Josh made his turns.

After Lunch the group that went for the day stayed on the same run and everyone was yelling at each other as they went down. The run was short so you would get a lot of cheering on each run. John my brother took Lexi down a few times on his skis and she had a blast. Josh was finally able to go with Libby and he tried to not fall and keep up with her. Anne is ready to get off the beginner hill and ski the mountain. Lexi will get skis next time we go up and I will also take my skis so I can keep up with Josh. Lexi took a nap in the car at the end of the day and woke up as the kids finished their day and came back to the cars. The ride home was really slow by fun since this is the first time that Anne came with me. Here is a pic of the mountain and the family group that was up that day. We still were missing 4 cousins and 2 parents so our group can get pretty big and crazy.

Proud of you Anne,
Back row left to right
Anne, Claire, Rob, Parker, Andrew, John, Sam, Hayley
Front row left to right
Thomas, Bella, Josh, BFF Libby, Becca, Jackson
Max, Kristin, Rachel, Danny, Brynn, Jennifer
Mom and Josh and BFF Libby coming off the Gondola after a great day sking. Everyone smiling at 4:30pm good times.

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  1. Totally awesome. You are working hard this year to set your family up for a lifetime of fun! Next year when Lexi is 3 and Anne is skiing the blues you can stick L in ski school and take off with your wife for a half day. Won't that be the bomb!!