Monday, January 26, 2009

6K nonstop swim YEP 4 Miles baby!!!!

This weekend I was able to reach beyond my longest swim with the PC crew and it felt great. Coach Steve and Andrea rented a 50M pool for us and all we had to do was show up, jump in and swim 60 laps nonstop. I was pretty excited to swim 4 miles and started with a running start. Beth and I took a "game on" photo and then we started.

I decided that I would swim in the same lane with Andrea, Sonja, and Keith. I lead the lane and started at a very cautions pace. I decided that I would time myself and record after each 500 Meters so I could keep count. We came in at a 9:06 for the first 500m and the last was 9:35. We held a great pace the whole time and I was able to swap leading with Sonja for most of all the swim. She ended up swimming to the wall with me and we touched the wall at the same time, BOOO YAAAA. We were able to get the swim done in less than 2 hours and had a good time doing it. I was pleased that I was able to swim pretty consistent and did not feel the fatigue until the last 1000. Beth jumped in my lane and made me laugh so hard it took me 200M to stop laughing. I had a good time catching up with everyone since I had been traveling so much the past month. I am having a really good time with this winter season and I like the results.
To those that are really paying attention I am not sick, I have cut my hair short on purpose and like it so stop sending me "get well" emails. NOT FUNNY!!!!!
Boo yaaaa
Miss you Anne, see you in a few days.

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