Monday, February 2, 2009

Good by January

This is my mind and so I feel comfortable saying it as it reads up here(in my head of course). January sucked, it totally sucked and I am really glad that it has gone away. In fact I am comfortable saying that if this January never comes back I would not feel bad or even disappointed. I slept in my bed a total of like 8 days the whole month and most of those were without Anne. Training went to pot!!! I had an account at work suck the entire life out of me and I was turned upside down. My work schedule increased 100% this month and add to it that I was in Las Vegas, Compton CA, Salt Lake City brings the total to 110% crap. Training went away, sickness came, family left, airplane got bumped, food sucked, bed was hard, "3 all nighters" and I am not sure how to get back to the house that I make a mortgage payment on. Does anyone know where Arthur lane is in Denver CO?


February is here and I had a normal nights sleep last night in my own bed. I have had a pretty good day and I have no work travel on the schedule. (not to say that it might come up quick) I am feeling calm today and feeling better. I am going to follow the training schedule that is written for me starting tomorrow and I am proud to say I am glad to be here. I hope that none of you ever meet the January that I did or have him/her (I am not sure of the sex, nor do I care) stay for 31 Long days. Yep, I am glad to be here. Really glad to be here.

I missed the Superbowl and don't care!
Who outs themselves like that, self....stop writing stuff like that.

OK going back to my normal work because I feel normal. Yea!!!!


Anne, how about a date every night in Feb? You in?



  1. I missed you! Come run with me on Thursday around Cherry Creek Res. 8:30am. Please!