Monday, February 9, 2009

Placing big in the BC snow shoe race

This past weekend I was able to place 260Th in the Woman's 5K Snow shoe race at Beaver Creek. I am most happy with those results because I was not the last, I was second to last!!!!

How I was placed into that category is for the IT guys to work on but worth a post none the less. Fact of the matter was that I had a blast and was very proud of my results. I did in fact race the MENS 10K and did it in a time of 1:34:45. I was able to improve from the last time that I did this race by over 5 minutes. I was a little under the weather and took a very honest approach to the day and executed the best I possible could have. I was passed by 2 people the whole race and it happened on the top of the mountain with just a few miles left. I was able to get back past one of them and push it to the finish line. I took a break the last 100 feet and did a flip for the cheering PC group. I had a good day and felt that my base building progress is showing. I had a good time in my new Norther Lights Snow shoes and look forward to the next race.

I have been working on getting back on the saddle as far as training goes and felt that the first week of February was a good one. I was able to follow my schedule for the week and did not miss day of training. I hope that the rest of this month stays the course, the activities that I have scheduled look great thanks to Steve and his creative input to my development. PC rocks and I look forward to the big news coming in just over a month. Check out the news on

Thanks for the day off Anne,



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