Saturday, February 21, 2009

The good, the bad, the Roadie...

I love you and then a rush out the door is becoming a way the Walton home operates lately. I am not sure if I like this and on the long drive to the airport I question the value of the trip. Leaving does allow the heart to grow stronger and my heart is very strong right now. I know that I do miss moments that I will never be able to get back. Knowing that I was missing scouts with Jackson and Josh on there first Blue and Gold banquet was very hard for me on this trip. I love that everyone is different in this world and to those that can say “good by” and spend the week on the road week after week is someone that I will never be. I am positive that I would really suck at the “roadie” job and would fail very fast. I love to travel and love to meet new people and doing it under the right circumstances like having my family or friends with me works great. All other options are bad.
I am on a plane right now traveling home and walking down the breeze way to board the plane I listened to a man tell his little girl that he love her and would kiss her good night when he got home. I tell you this because I brook down from missing my family. I am sure the flight attendant thought that I was a pretty silly sight as I found my seat and was wiping tears away. I am sitting alone, sleeping alone and for two nights this week eating alone. The theme ALONE is getting old and I have only been gone for 3 days, what a wimp.
I use to know a friend called training and really miss seeing this friend every day. I only get to see him as much as I get to see my family lately and that’s not much. I expect that I should have stellar days training and last week I stop short of my goal because I was having a very off day. I like it when things go well and I am able to rock rather then survive a workout. I like training with my PC crew and seeing them on a regular basis.
I like the controlled environment of my home. I like it so much that I think that I need to work on getting back to that. I like sleeping in my bed and REALLY like sleeping next to my wife. I like that the house is crazy when I get home and that they need me, I like being that guy and filling that role.
I hope that I can work better, smarter and be more aggressive at protecting my time with the ones that I love. I know that I need to provide and my family needs to have a roof over their heads. I also know that I can do it better and get to where I should be, less travel more at home. I will work hard to travel only when it is necessary and get it done in as little time.
DING…..Ladies and gentlemen please turn your computers off we are getting close to landing and we don’t want to die……
Yea I am close and I get to go home. I am already feeling better and glad that I was able to share just a few more thoughts of Tyler’s Mind.

Miss you Anne, see you in a little while.

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