Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Coffee table book

Anne strikes gold again this week as a present arrives for me. Anne took the time to format my blog from 07-08 into book form and it arrived today. I have a picture on the front of my three wonderful kids by our Christmas tree last year that I took and have loved. As I opened the pages for the first time and started to read what I had shared last year I was a bit taken back. I would frame up the last year as a very hard year with all the change that has gone on. As I turned from page to page I was reminded that we had a Awesome year. We did so many fun activities with friends and family. I loved seeing the pictures, reading some of the stories again and I am really thrilled with the present. Home run again for my wife taking care of her 4 children (cause we all know that she is the only real adult in our family).

Thanks Anne,


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