Monday, November 30, 2009

Turkey as the Main Course

Flying home from Salt Lake City on Tuesday after working out a deal with my largest client for the next few years started the week off right. I was able to sit back and relax after a some what rocky start since the trouble of Sunday.(My car was broken into and my wallet and phone was stolen and used, $3,000 USED) I was really looking forward to the rest of the weeks activities and so I worked on staying focused on the Fun.

Over the past several years I have enjoyed doing a Turkey Trot 5K and have had my family join me in one way or the other. Some years I would run and Anne would watch with the kids and others Anne would run and I would watch the kids. Last year Jackson and Josh ran with me and I pushed Lexi in the Burley, it was beyond funny since during the race one or all kids were in the Burley. This year we tried to find a race that did not cost as much and had no luck so I offered to map and mark a 5K course on the trails of Highlands Ranch and invited my entire extended family and friends. As I finished my run setting up and marking the course we had almost everyone show up and for my family that was 30 people. I asked my parents to be our starters, work the aid station and record every ones time as they came across the finish line. The course was fun I had us go a mile out then come back the same route to finish mile 2 and our first aid station. Then we headed in an opposite direction for .55 and back to cross the finish line. My parents who started us and worked the aid station and the finish line did not have to move and the racers were able to see each other since we had 2 out and backs. Jackson was eager to do better than he did last year by 5 minutes and so we spent some time taking to him about running the race smart. Josh wanted to ride his bike and go as fast as he could and Lexi spent the time with Bella in the wagon with Rob. Anne and I were both able to run and so the gun went off and I had 3 kids take off running. Andrew is my 14 year old nephew and had a great first year in Cross country. He took off and I wanted to keep him in sight so I pushed to stay close. The first mile was mostly up hill and by the time we hit the turn that was the end of mile 1 I looked at my watch and we hit a 7:04 first mile. I hoped he would slow down a bit and as we headed down hill for mile 2 he relaxed a bit. At about 1.75 miles he ran out of gas and I was able to pass him and came through the aid station (mile 2) at 14:30 or a 7:26 2ND mile. I keep rolling and finished at 22:30 on a very hard course. Andrew can in at 23:30 and after a second season should take the crown next year. Josh rode himself into 3rd place and Anne was 4Th. Jackson never stopped and came across the finish line in just over 33 minutes. Jackson took 16 minutes off his last years time.
Having the 5K as a family saved us over $1,000 in entry fees and we decided that it was just as much fun as a real race. In fact, Anne said it was more fun since we were able to not worry about others so close. We handed out Finishers ribbons to all and this makes me look forward to next years event.

The next activity was at the Church Gym for Kickball and Volley Ball. For the next few hours we had a blast and really enjoyed playing with one another. We had a few hours to Chillax and so we went to my Parents apartment and took a break. Lexi took a nap and we hung out until it was time for the big Dinner at 3pm.

Thanksgiving was great, 3 Turkeys, tons of food and a table full of pies. We ended up staying at John and Jenn's until almost 9pm. The day started at 7am so we were all tired by the time we headed home. I was very thankful this year and loved being with my family. My parents were back from their last mission so it was fun to have them present.

Friday was Christmas tree hunting in the National Park. We went to Buffalo Creek about 1.5 hrs away from our home and took a fun lunch to enjoy with everyone. 5 Cars caravaned together and parked in the same grove. Anne and I with the kids took off and started to climb up the mountain. We looked at a few that were close but climbed up a litter further to find the perfect tree. We all took turns cutting it down and taking it back to the car. We are please with our tree this year.

The fun did not stop and on Saturday Morning it was time to make our way up to the ski resorts for our first time as a whole family skiing. Lexi is trying skiing and after putting the skis on she took off and headed down the hill. I took her over to the magic carpet for for the next hour she did great learning how to ski. Jackson, Josh and Anne took off and had a great day. The crowds were pretty low and so the day was just perfect. The weather was warm and everyone again had a great day. We headed home and by Idaho Springs decided that a Van is a must for our family.

Thanks for a great weekend Anne,


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