Thursday, November 19, 2009

XC running race in Moab Utah

This past weekend I was able to sneak away for a first time XC running race. The event had 3 distances, 10(really 12.5), 20 (really 24.2) and 50K (really 30+ miles). I signed up for the 10 miler and wanted to have a very enjoyable event.

The group known as FOB (not going to tell since I am not an official member) was in full force at the starting line. We took pictures and enjoyed the 8am start. The weather was cold and overcast but not raining so everyone was in good spirits. The vibe was calm and really different from normal tris that I have done so I enjoyed the laid back nature of the crowd.

I started with my group (I mean the group that I am still not an official member of yet!!!) and we headed up a canyon for 4 miles of climbing. We took pictures and really started slow and ran as a group. I enjoyed the flavor and spent the time getting warmed up and rolling. At the top of the canyon we all collected for pictures and then ran the mile or so to the first aid station. I loved the dirt, the trails and running on rocks but as I approached the aid station I really fell in love. M & M's, Potato chips, and pretzels were the first row of items and the crew managing the station spent the day before Jeeping up to the site and sleeping outside to help us have a good day. I filled up my hydration and after 1.5 hrs I had drained 45 oz of Hammer Endurance. I filled up with H2O and headed out with my new peeps. We were rolling on the flats and then turned a corner and started our decent out of the canyon. Paula who is a FOB took off and I followed at a full sprint. Long story short I never did catch her and took my first loss of many for the day. We were on single track going down the canyon with 2000 feet to the left and running at 8 min pace. IT ROCKED. I wanted more and was very sad to have my day end from the others at mile 9. SO,,,,, John M and I decided to Join Beth and run the longer distance (24.5). I filled up at the 2ND Totally AWESOME aid station and took off. We ran up a dirt road and then had a 1.5 mile out and back up a canyon following the stream that was flowing. Back to the road for a few more miles to where the valley opened up and I could focus and see little colored dots climbing the side of a mountain that was several thousand feet tall. Beth noticed what I was looking at and with a NEW YORK SMILE said "yep were going to climb that". I spent the next 2 miles climbing straight up the side of a mountain and taking in mental shots of the view. Making it to the top I allowed myself to run out of H2O and Calories and was pretty nervous. I took what Beth would give and what John could give and ran concerned to mile 17 the next aid Station. I felt OK and filled up my fuel to the brim. 70oz in my Nathan pack and then I took a few PB&J's for the road. At this station they had cooked potato's with pure salt in front for dipping. At this point I had been moving for over 4 hours and this stuff tasted great. We headed back down a canyon slipping down the Red Rock of Moab and having a blast. I was able to start feeling better a few miles later and we headed for the last decent to the finish line. I was proud of my day because after 5 hours of running I was still moving and feeling great. Beth had taken care of me with great advice for the event as we were doing it and I appreciated her company. We picked it up on the last few miles down the canyon wall towards the finish line which tells me I was doing well with my long distance nutrition. We made it to the bottom to Ken and Lori Cheering us on as we came into the finish. They did the 10 miler and waited hours for us to finish and I REALLY APPRECIATED IT!!!!!.

The day was great, 24.5 mile in 5:46:36 and race director did not yell at me too much for changing the distance when I was not allowed to.

I loved it and want to do more of this style of events.

At this writing, Anne and I were able to spend a day with Friends Boone and Nicole showing them around Denver and hoping that they can find a practice here that will work.
I Love the outdoors and hope for many more awesome adventures.

Thanks ANNE,

I love you

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  1. Aww shucks Tyler! We had so much fun with you guys and can't wait to be close enough to join you on some of these adventures. Sounds like it was an awesome day. Thanks for bringing Sonja by too -- that was super cool and all of you seem like a great group of people!

    See you soon!