Thursday, December 31, 2009

9:21pm MST NYE in Salt Lake City

Randy and Carolyn have been the greatest Grandparents this trip.

Tyler and Sam sporting the NYE hats and smiles

My Josh

Jackson and Mom on Christmas morning opening presents

I did not want to loose the opportunity to write a few feeling down at such an epic time of life. 2009 is ending and such a vast amount of "new" can usher in 2010. I look forward to the years to come and feel that I am on more solid ground than I have ever been and at this writing I feel I still have so much up in the air.
We were hoping to finish our complete financial overhaul this year but have fallen a bit short. (We still have not found a home) We were able to payoff all debt we had made goals for, we have been able to live for 12 months on a budget that was 40% of what it was in 2007-2008 and stay happy. We have started a serious plan of working towards retirement and at this writing we have a very small nest egg. BOOO YAAAAA
Anne has decided that working on her family is more important then for others or money so Dwell Design will slow down in 2010. My Practical Coaching family has changed and this year I have taken a break and will work towards other goals. I have joined a cycling team called Rocky Mountain Spine and Sport and will ride for them in a few races this year. I will do a few triathlons this year but not like I have the past several years. I will continue to train because of what it means to me but I will cut my weekly hours by 50%. All of this change I hope will cause a huge void that I will be able to fill with FAMILY. I want to Camp, Travel, Color, draw, play, ride, climb, hike, run, swim, tube, wakeboard, ski, work, cry, smile, support, dance, build, create, guide, teach, encourage, pray, hope, and love my kids and wife this year and hopefully I have created a big enough hole that everything listed above can fit in it for the upcoming year and possibly many more after that.

12 years ago I said "Yes" in marriage to my best friend. She told me tonight at dinner that I am still her best friend so something is still working. I love you Anne, I always have and always will. You inspire, guide, and give me the strength to try it all and I thank you for that.

I will continue to write this year, it will have a lot more pictures, and even some video thanks to the coolest Christmas present from Anne.

I love my friends and family and wish you the best at the close of this year and hope for great success for you in the years to come.



  1. That was a great update! We'll be there to help with your void sometime in June:)

  2. Love it! I compete w/ my family lately. We will be going on a long biking/camping adventure this summer. I have no regrets. Kids grow up too fast. You will love your new long great adventures w/ your family. A family cycled across Canada together... they did it, why can't we do similar?

  3. Very nice Tyler. You can't get those little years back..... My baby is going to be a SOPHOMORE in high school in 3 months! Ouch. I get so much satisfaction watching my kids flourish in a million different ways and that I have MADE the time to be there for them always!! I wish you and the rest of your family the best in 2010!!