Monday, December 7, 2009

Lexi and Josh at Keystone take 2

This past weekend we were able to take our second day in the mountains at Keystone. For the second time I took snow boots rather than Ski boots so I would be able to assist Lexi easier. After lunch all the family encouraged Lexi to show them how she had progressed. I helped her with her put each ski on and by the time everyone was watching she was headed down the slope. I was holding onto the "Wee Ski" ropes and was trotting to keep up and not slow Lexi down. The Magic Carpet run only was a few hundred feet and so the run was fast. After her cousins left she told me she really wanted to go down the big hill to where everyone else went. I felt she was doing a good job and what the heck I had not done a workout for the day so off we went.
The first hill was much steeper than anything near the Magic Carpet run and so my trot turned into a full run. Lexi was giggling and yelling "Weeeeeeeee" as she headed down the new hill. At the bottom we saw the first big yellow sign that said "Slow". To keep Lexi working on turns I told her to hit that big yellow sign and she responded and was pleased after she hit the pole holding up the sign. As we approached the second hill of many Lexi again went full speed, or as fast as I can run in snow boots on the ski slopes having the same joy as the first hill. Again at the bottom we saw the yellow sign that said "slow" and so off we went to hit it again.
Half way down she got tired and wanted to take a break and make snow angles. I enjoyed the break since I was not planning on doing this. About this time Becca, Andrew, Jackson, John, Anne, Josh, Liv, Parker showed up again. They encouraged Lexi to ski with them again and so off we went. At the bottom of the next hill about 20 feet below the yellow "slow" sign we stopped and took a break. John, Anne, and Josh were still at the top so we watched them come down the hill. Josh took off and was flying down the hill. Fast enough I thought to myself "he is going to hit the SLOW sign". He started to try to snowplow about 50 feet before the sign and realized to late the he could not. WACK....ROLL.....Cartwheels.....coming to a stop in a dead man position. Yep, Josh took out the SLOW sign at 90%. Yep the sign won and Josh took a very cool digger a few feet in front of me. I loved it and felt bad at the same time. I can see why people that know Josh say he is like me!!!!! I would have tried to show everyone how fast I could get down the hill without thinking about stopping until it was too late just like he did.
A few minutes later he was up and skiing again, Lexi was done and the day was pretty much over. We had a blast for our second day, next week I am planning on taking my skis and taking Lexi all over the Mountain.



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