Sunday, January 3, 2010

Solitude Ski Resort....Need I say More!

I kissed Anne and the kids and watched them drive away from her parents home this morning after an Epic Christmas just as Joe and Christine drove up. I am staying here in Utah for another week for work and so I wanted to ski and Joe and Christine said they would take me to Solitude. We were introduced to each other in Moab, Utah and proudly are part of the FOB's. We had a great day, The weather rocked with blue skies and warm temps.

It was our first time skiing as a group and by the end of the first run I was all smiles because I knew it was going to be a great day. Joe is an awesome skier and host to the mountain. I have not been to Solitude in 15 years so the mountain look very different. We skied almost the entire mountain and made the best of what the conditions would offer. We even made it around to Honeycomb Canyon and worked our way into the back bowls.

I was most impressed with Christine for being such a great sport on terrain that she does not normally ski. Thanks for such a good time and being such great host's.



  1. Well, I think you guys must have great time in the top ski resort. I can say this after seeing the pictures and video posted here.

  2. OMG! You totally rock, that video is hilarious and makes me want to dredge up the one I have of you going for the flip and totally eating it. Hummm....

  3. Solitude ski resort. I think it must be a part of the Colorado ski resorts in the states. You people rock over there.

  4. I am soooo happy all you "Utahans" are getting along so well! Thanks for not outing Christine for being such a big baby! :) I wish we could have been with you! Loved the video and the back flip! Boooya!

  5. Inspiring video. Superb pics. Keep up the good work :)