Sunday, January 10, 2010


After being gone from Denver, my home, my bed since the 22ND of December I am headed home. Tonight I will get to sleep to familiar sounds and of course the familiar comfort of my bed and maybe I will be able to get the temperature where I like it.
Anne and I decided to combine two long trips into one and we left Denver on the 22ND headed for Salt Lake City to spend some time with her family. The second half of that trip included a quick overnight er to LA and then the Miche Bag 2ND annual Conference.
Anne and the kids left me and headed home a week ago and since then I have been working long hours, eating like crap and exercising in majestic hotel fitness rooms. My life in 2009 work wise changed and I am one of those that now travel often. 2010 will continue that way and I am getting better at finding ways to make travel work for me. The thing that I can't seem to figure out yet is how to stay connected with the ones I love most. I call and text often but my schedule does not over lap well with the home schedule. The kids love to tell me about the day but I feel not as connected as I would like and I have a tough time getting quality time with my wife while I am on the road. I will continue to work on this aspect but did not bring it up to complain but to explain why I get so excited on the travel day home. I packed my bags, left my hotel, returned my car and now I have only the flight before I am united with the ones that I love.
Today I am going home and today home is so much more than a place where I live. Home is where I breath the best, where I feel the happiest, where I function most normal (as normal as I CAN be). Home is where my girlfriend, coach, sweetheart and lover is. Home is where my Lexi, Jackson and Josh run and keep the heart beating to a rhythm that is most powerful to me. I get to go home where my soul gets charged and I am able to gain the confidence to do it again; stronger, better, giving it my all cause I can. Home to me is everything and today I arrive.
I love what I do and hope that I can connect with the heartbeat of the real traveler but until then I can operate knowing that I can plug in at home and charge for the next road trip.
I look forward to 2010. I hope that I can become a better person and have the decisions that I make become good ones. I hope I can reach my goals and connect to great people as I work to that end. I see where I want my journey finish and work every day to get there.

I love you Anne,

See you in hours,


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  1. Wow... good stuff! Get a webcam, it will help!amp