Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fun in the Colorado Mountains

After a really crazy travel schedule Anne and I wanted to have a break and we thought that a quick escape to the Mountains of Colorado was just the ticket. We packed up the family and off we went in the Van (I write in the description of the car so I can continue to work on feeling ok with purchasing a van).
We made it to Frisco, Colorado just as the snow started to fall. I was really excited since our mountains really needs snow. This only lasted a half hour and then it was back to blue skies. We made it to one of my favorite sledding hills a few minutes later. Last year I had to bring up the sleds for Josh and carry Lexi and her sled back up the hill each time they went down. They loved this and wanted to go way more times that I wanted to and by the end I was the most tired. This year all kids were on their own and managed just fine. Even Lexi loved to sled by herself and had a great time.

We spent the night at Christie"s Lodge in Avon and had a great night swimming, getting warm by a real fire in our room and playing board games. Jackson killed us at the games and Josh won the award for having the most fun rolling dice.

The next day Anne and the kids wanted to stay and swim while I spent the morning skiing with John M, Joe W and some friends of his. We started at 8:30am and hit it hard until noon when Anne and kids came and picked me up. We wanted to beat the holiday traffic on I-70 so we came down to the valley early and went to see Alvin and the Chipmunks new movie.

I was glad for the break from work and was thrilled to hang with my family. Here are some of the photos that I liked the best from my new Camera.


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