Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Swimming has always been comfortable for me since I was a little boy trying to keep up with my brothers and sisters at Lake Powell. We would swim all day long and I can recall many times that we kept swimming into the night. As a little boy, this was awesome and it still has not changed. I enjoy the fact that I get to swim a few times a week and right now I am rotating between a few masters programs and workouts I create. I have not done much speed work or hard efforts over the last several months. I can recall the painfull workout Sonja said would be FUN. I can think of several words for that workout but not fun. One of the masters I go to is at my Local 24 Hour fitness and I have to say it was a very cool workout. She writes as we go so you really never get to know the total distance or what the next set will look like and I enjoy that challenge. Last night the second set wast 12x100 cut into 3 groups of 4. The last group ended up being 10 seconds faster then the first set and I was able to make each interval. I was really pleased with how tired I felt at the end and was also pleased that I was able to lead the lane to success. We had a cool down and then a 100 for time at the end of the workout. We had just finished swimming 3600 yards and now an all out 100. I took it out slow and really pushed the last 50 and came into the wall feeling totally maxed and proud. I smiled and took a moment to enjoy others pushing hard and we all ended with a 100 cool down.
I like swimming and sometimes leave in to focus on running and riding. It was fun to bring it back and focus on it for a few weeks this past month. I am starting to ramp up the training effort and hopefully will have another good season this year.

To all that read this that are ramping it up yourselves I wish you great success. If you are doing your first 5K or Sprint tri or rocking endurance like an IM or 100 mile running race I wish you great success. We need more of you and I hope to see you on the trails or in the water.

Love you Anne,



  1. Omg! We have to battle! I swam a 1:14 last Friday. You and me baby, it's soooo on. Now the goal is to keep swimming while actually adding in one more sport....or two. ;)

  2. I am going to start channeling you and Sonja in the pool!