Sunday, February 28, 2010

Watching some of 62

Yesterday I was able to have too cool things happen that I would have never assumed a few years ago I would have the opportunity to be apart of. First was that my long time friend Boone Terry and I were able to run together for the first time ever. He is looking to move his family and life to Denver after being a military dentist for the last 6 years. He currently lives in Georgia and is so blown away every time he visits by the amount of fit, cool people he sees and meets. He has the greatest family and a Very, Very funny wife who blogs like the best of them. Take a look and watch their journey to Denver unfold over the next 90 days. He will need to buy a business, find a home, pack his life, leave the Army for good and move to Denver all within 90 days. Good look!
Second was that we were able to run with Sonja who had her last long run before her 100 mile RUNNING race next month in Moab, Utah. Yesterday in Cherry Creek Sonja and a huge group of friends did 62 miles from early morning to after dark. Boone and I were apart of the first lap and our requested mission was to keep it slow and allow her to get the day set-up and rolling the right way. She did wonderful and as we left I gave her as much BOOOO YAAAAAA as I had for the day and went home to change and go skiing with my family. We had planned on going earlier that day but with the day switch that Sonja made Anne and the kids allowed me to run the first loop and then head up into the Mountains.
We skied at Keystone with Rob, John and Kids and Lexi and Anne Shredded. They are both getting really good and I am pleased to see the progress that they are making each day.

Good job Anne,

Love you all,


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