Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mammoth and Keystone

The boys in the Family wanted to go watch a Mammoth game to see what Lacrosse is all about on a professional level. We took off after dinner on Friday night and headed downtown to the Pepsi Center. We found that not all professional sports require a bank loan to enjoy and after $10 parking we were feeling pretty good. We went to the tickets office and asked for nose bleed and was set back $15.00 for 3 tickets, can you say booo yaaaaa. The center was pretty packed and we sat and watch the small little ant look guys run around throwing a ball. At half time we saw John and Parker Walton chillaxen in a BOX and so we headed down. The Mammoth were getting killed by the 3rd quarter so we took off. Denver has bike taxis and after the game the boys took a quick ride around the block. We finished the night by climbing some rocks until we were kicked off and headed home. I would recommend this to any family on a budget that would like to go to an event at the Pepsi Center and wants to drop less than $50.00 on the night.

The next day we went skiing at Keystone and I will let the video tell the story. All kids are getting really good and it's really fun to ski with friends and family. Love the Colorado mountains.

Love you Anne

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  1. How fun! I love going to games with the family. It is fun to have the kids experience it especially if they are super active like yours! Love the ski video. Jackson's tearing it up! I'm not missing the snow yet, but look forward to some skiing next year.