Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July weekend

We have had a wonderful, exciting and fun filled 4th of July weekend. It started with Jackson making the decision to cut his hair. He wanted to see if he could donate it and found out that it has to be at least 10 inches long and so he could not. He just wanted to get it cut so here is the Hair today Gone tomorrow pics.
The 4th of July started at 4:30 am for me with the decision to go to Masters at DU with Sonja. We had a really fun workout because the pool at DU is a 50m pool and I do not get to swim that length very often. We swam in the same lane and ended up the workout with fast 50's. She beat me 3-1 and the 4th was off to a really good start. I was able to get home in time to make breakfast and get the house ready for the Highlands Ranch parade. Josh and Jackson both were really excited for the candy that was tossed off the floats. The weather was really hot and after 1 hour we were cooked and the parade was finished and we had 2 bags and 1 purse full of candy. After a few quick stops and a really fun stop at Albertson's we were ready for the BBQ. Mom and Lexi stayed home and Jackson and Josh came with me to get fireworks and propane. We had fun picking out the bag of fireworks and both boys were really excited to find out that they would be lighting them off. We went swimming and then home for the night.

Kristin, Paul and kids came over and we had a great BBQ. We had fun just playing at home and relaxing. Around 8pm we started to light our fireworks show.

Everyone had a really good time. Lexi and Dad went to bed and Jackson, Josh and Mom went down the street to a neighbors house and watched them light off Wyoming style fireworks until late in the night. I was trying to get ready for a ride to Mt Evans the next day so I put in earplugs and went to sleep.
Paul came with me riding on Saturday and we joined about 12 others for our Annual Mt Evans climb. We start in Evergreen at 7800 ft elevation and climb all the way up to 14300 ft, 32.5 miles later. We started out together and then broke into groups. 3:45 minutes later I made it to the top, dehydrated with elevation sickness. I jumped into the van and enjoyed a nice casual ride back down the mountain. The day did not go as planned but it was fun none the less. I came home and had a good meal and relaxed with the family. I went to bed at 10pm last night and Anne let me sleep in until 8am. Booo Yaaa, I feel good. We had a great breakfast and now are going out for the day. Anne is swimming, kids in Kids Club and I will try to run 8 miles on these tired legs. We are going to Putt Putt this afternoon and do a little shopping to cap the weekend off. What a great time, I love my family, love spending time with them and just hanging out. Lexi is a doll, Josh never out of energy and Jackson is finding his way as the big brother. They are all doing such a great job and I am so proud of them. I love my wife more every day and I have to say life is good right now. Tell next time,
I love you Anne,


  1. Awesome job despite the sickness on Mt Evans. You did great!
    Also, it should be known that on the 4th of july fast fiftys we did have to handicap you 7 seconds in order for me to win. I just thought your blog readers should know the truth. You are quite the fast swimmer, and I hope to swim in your wake more often!!

  2. Kids are getting so big! Jackson looks great with the long hair. He looks great with the short...too bad I couldn't do the honors.
    You my friend are amazing! Not the same T from Cleveland. keep it going, and Maybe next year the Lomax's will jump on the training train.