Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Anne's first Deep water swim

Anne had her bike fit today and was very excited to get things set right so we can ride on Friday night for Date night. She was asked by Steve to go into the front room to turn off the treadmill while he was working on her cleats. Next he heard her scream because the treadmill was off but on it was her new Desoto T1 Wetsuit. She was sooo excited that she tried it on and walked around the house until she got too hot that it had to come off. She finished the bike fit and was off to get ready for the pond. Because if you got a new suite you have to try it out ASAP.

We grabbed swimsuits, kids, life jackets, and a few other items, tossed them in the car and we were off. She put it on and she looked totally hot!!!! Booo YAAAA my wife oh ya.....Headed for the water and was in faster than I have ever seen her in the 10 years of marriage. The kids were all dressed up in wetsuits, life jackets and watching Mom get in the pond. Anne had the biggest smile and her confidence was rising by the moment. She put her goggles on and headed off to swim the shoreline. 100 yards later she stopped and headed back. She then took off towards the island 300 yds away and looked great. She made it most of the way and then headed back. The kids were having a blast playing on the shoreline and watching Mom do things she has never before done. We are soooooo proud of you Anne you are our ROCK STAR....

Saturday she is going all the way to the island and I will post photos of the crew at the pond.

Did I say it's RACE WEEK and Anne has a new wetsuit and a bike that fits.

Friday night date is a ride around Chatfield and Dinner. I am Lovin it.

Love you Anne,


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