Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Race week, PR and Jackson the funnest of all

This is race week, Yea. Boulder Peak was my best run race of last year and the time has come again to give it a shot. I have put many training hours in and some really good races and I feel like I will do really well. I am feeling strong, healthy and race smart. I look forward to race week, the build of excitement for a chance to be a kid again. This race even has a speed zone on the downhill can you say BOOOO YAAAAA. Nelson road is after the climb and the fastest road I have been on and I am really ready to go after it. I feel that I can be a little stronger in the swim and run and still preform on the run so we will just have to see. Can I say I love race week one more time, a-----ya-----I think so. So many things to talk about and I am wanting to keep the post small so here is what is on my mind and what is really cool for this week.

1. Track: I did a P.R. on the mile on a track and came in at 6:12.30. I planned and executed and preformed better than I wanted to. I was shooting for a sub 6:30.
2. Anne's bike shoes came in and she has a bike fit tomorrow with Steve.
3. Anne and I are going in a bike ride date on Friday night. OH YA
4. Jackson stayed at track and ran with me in the end and is getting really strong.
5. Jackson and Josh both have Baseball games this week.
6. We went to dinner tonight and Jackson was a rock star and had a good time with all 16 of us.
7. Can I say I love Practical Coaching!!!!
8. Work is going really well and I like what is going on of late.
9. I love my wife.
10. Race Week, sorry it slipped.
11. Anne will get her wetsuit this week and will swim at the pond this Saturday for the first time swimming deep water and over 300 yards.
12. Anne and I will sign up for our first race together.
13. Race WeeK
14. Love my wife, and Kids. Jackson was a rock star tonight with the adults.

OK you can see that I am feeling pretty high right now and will hopefully come down some time Sunday evening. IT'S RACE WEEK

GO BOULDER PEAK!!!!!! Good Luck everyone.

I love my life, wife and kids.


Love you Anne,


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